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BI Platform 4.0 is installed in one server

IPS/DS/IS is installed in different server

IPS Version 4.1 SP2

DS/IS Version 4.2 SP2

Installing IS remote server on BI 4.0 Platform server

  1. Copy MMRemoteJobserver folder from Utilities
    directory from Information Steward Install package to BI Platform server. Note:
    not from IS install location. Above folder exists in IS software install
  2. Unzip to C:\Program Files
    (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects
  3. Open Command Prompt. Enter the following command:
    cd C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\InformationSteward\MM\bin
  4. Run the following command: wrapper.exe –i C:\Program
    Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\InformationSteward\MM\config\wrapper.conf


Note: As per SAP guide, we are supposed to run, Installremoteservice.bat,
but since it is bug in 4.2 SP2, we have to use wrpper.exe to install the remote
service. This bug is expected to fix in next SP or patch.

When promoted, provide the following


  1. BI Platform Information (CMS name,
    Authentication, username, password
  2. Remote server (IS server) – (CMS Name, Authentication,
    username, password)
  3. Remote Job server listening port (Make sure the
    port number is not being used, default port number is 5050)
  4. Enter the JDBC path – if your repository DB is
    oracle - D:\oracle\product\11.2.0\client_1\jdbc\lib\OJDBC6.jar

5. Will see remote service is installed.

6. After the successful installation of the remote service,
open command prompt. C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\InformationSteward\MM\config\
and Run admin.bat to check if the information is configured correctly.

8.  Make sure the Service status is running. If not
     click on Start button to start the service.

9. Login to CMC of IS server

10. Open InformationSteward. Click on Manage – New –
     Integrator source

11. Enter the below information

  1. Select Integrator type : SAP Business Objects
  2. Name : Any useful name
  3. CMS Servername : <Servername>:6400
  4. Username and password
  5. You can leave blank for Infoview Integration
    user and password


Click on Test connection and make sure the
connection is successful and click on “Save”

  1. Right click on newly created integrator, Select “Schedule”

  1. Select all the applicable meta data want to
    capture. And select schedule.

Meta data information will be captured based on the above
selection after the schedule status shows success.

BI Launchpad integration: Installling IS Addon on BI
Platform server

  1. Obtain the IS 4.2 sp2 package- Open the folders
    Utilities\BI Launchpad
  2. Copy the package and unzip the package in BI Platform
  3. Run the Install_IS_Addon.bat to install. Note:
    before running the batch file, open readme.txt file in the BI Launchpad directory.
    Follow the instructions on how to run the batch file.
  4. After installation completes, restart the CMS on
    CCM in BI platform  server
  5. Redeploy BOE using wdeploy. Before deploying the
    BOE, stop tomcat and backup webapps in tomcat folder.
  6. After deploying the BOE apps, start Tomcat and
  7. Login to CMC of Information Steward. Select ‘Applications’
    and double click on  “InformationSteward

  8. Enter CMS information of BI platform
  9. Username and password , authentication type  and save.

Now you are ready to see the lmpact analysis, Lineage of BI platform
related to DB changes, DS jobs from Information steward application and also
from BI Launchpad.

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