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Business workspace from XECM is used to contain documents related to business objects in SAP system. It is one of the Document Management Solution provided by Open Text.

My Inbox 2.0 Fiori app provided by SAP is used to Approve/Reject work items assigned to user. Work items are rendered in My Inbox using two ways

Webapp based


Here we are going to talk about how to enable business workspace for Purchase Order, Purchase Requisition and Contract in My Inbox.

PO, PR and Contact use annotation based UI configured in backend using transaction SWFVISU.


This blog explain the solution accelerator provided by Open Text in order to incorporate Business workspace in Fiori Apps.


XECM is already enabled in SAP system which could be accessed using GUI transactions.

Steps to enabled business workspace in My Inbox 2.0 Fiori app:

Step 1:  According to version of XECM installed in your landscape , you need to add add-ons in both SAP frontend and Backend system.

Document reference: SAP_Extended_ECM_Solution_Accelerator_for_SAP_Fiori_Business_Object_Browsing (OpenText)

For Version 16:

Backend SAP system

OTEXBAS 1600_700

OTEXBASO 1600_700

OTEXRL 1600_700

OTEXRLO 1600_700

FrontEnd SAP system

OTEXBASF 1600_740

OTEXRLF 1600_740

For Version 16.2:

Backend SAP system

OTEXBAS 1620_700

OTEXBASO 1620_700

OTEXRL 1620_700

OTEXRLO 1620_700

FrontEnd SAP system

OTEXBASF 1620_740

OTEXRLF 1620_740



Step 2: Import Transports to SAP system (Download from OpenText)

BackEnd SAP System

Import DALK900376, DALK900388 and DALK900334

FrontEnd SAP System

Import D5OK900639 and D5OK900374



Step 3: Enabled following SICF service in Front End system









Step 4: Register following Services in FrontEnd system using Transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE (You can register using Local system alias in case of Embedded system)




Step 5: Now we need to extend My Inbox Fiori application using SAP WebIDE

Open SAP WebIDE and click on File -> New -> Extension Project

Select SAP Front End system from dropdown

Extended My Inbox Project


A list of fiori apps will appear, select CA_FIORI_INBOX and click OK.

Now an Extension Project of My Inbox Fiori Application would be created by SAP WebIDE.

Step 6: Register rmf_bws_ui application component inside My Inbox application by putting below code in Component.js.'otx.ecmlink.businessworkspace','/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/otx/rmf_bws_ui');

try {'otx.ecmlink.businessworkspace.Component');

} catch(err) {

"Cannot create business workspace component", err.message);

var sBwsActive = false;


Step 7: Create Frag Folder under webapp folder of your extended application

Create file businessworkspace.fragment.js under the Frag Folder

Add below piece of code to it.

sap.ui.jsfragment("cross.fnd.fiori.inbox.CA_FIORI_INBOXExtension.frag.businessworkspace", {

createContent: function (oController) {

var obj = sap.ui.getCore().getComponent("OtBwsComp");

if (obj) {



try {

var oCompBws = sap.ui.getCore().createComponent({

name: "otx.ecmlink.businessworkspace",

id: "OtBwsComp",

settings: {

SystemOrigin: "OTBCWUI_BACKEND",

// you can use system alias defined by use for the odata service /OTX/RM_WSC_ODATA_SRV

AppMode: false,

UseClassicConfig: true



var oComponentContainerBws = new sap.ui.core.ComponentContainer({

component: oCompBws


var oContBws = oComponentContainerBws;

} catch (err) {

// Generate error output

oContBws = new sap.m.Label({

design: sap.m.LabelDesign.Bold,

text: "No Data",

textAlign: sap.ui.core.TextAlign.Center,

width: "100%",

visible: true


// Log an error to the console

//"Cannot create BW component", err.message);


// Define the IconTabFilter for Business Documents

var oIconTabFilterBws = new sap.m.IconTabFilter({

key: "OTXBWDocuments",

icon: "sap-icon://documents",

tooltip: "Business Workspace",

visible: true,

content: oContBws

});"OtComponent", oCompBws);

return oIconTabFilterBws;



Note: useClassicConfig parameter will help you in not replacing the content server hostname and port name with Fiori Launchpad.



Step 7: Extend TaskUI_S3.view.xml and TaskUI_S3.controller.js Controller

Copy TaskUI_S3.view.xml and TaskUI_S3.controller.js Controller file from standard CA_FIORI_INBOX application to your view folder of your extended application

Write below piece of code in Manifest .json of your extended application

In TaskUI_S3.view.xml file add new item under icontabbar in order to call above create fragment (Businessworkspace.fragment,js)

Fragment insertion



Step 8: On click of Business Workspace in Detail page of My Inbox application, handleTabSelect method will be called so need to refresh the content of our icontabfilter with values of Business Object and Business Object ID.
if (k === "OTXBWDocuments") // Logic to Refresh Business Workspace Widget on click of Business Workspace tab


var oComp = sap.ui.getCore().getComponent("OtBwsComp");

var y = this.getView();

var d = y.getModel("detail");

var taskId = d.oData.TaskDefinitionID;

var taskTitle = d.oData.TaskTitle;

var sObjectId = taskTitle.match(/(\d+)/);

if (taskId === "TS20000166") {

var sSapObject = "BUS2012"; // Business Object for Purchase Order

oComp.refresh(sSapObject, sObjectId[0]);


if (taskId === "TS20000172") {

var sSapObject = "BUS2014"; // Business Object for Contract


sap.ui.commons.MessageBox.alert("No Business Workspace Exists");


if (taskId === "TS20000159") {

var sSapObject = "BUS2105"; // Business Object for Requisition

oComp.refresh(sSapObject, sObjectId[0]);



Step 9: Deploy the application to your FrontEnd application and configure the tile using this extended application.


Enjoy using Business Workspace in your My Inbox Fiori Application for PR , PO and Contract.

Happy learning!
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