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As many parts of the world continue to remain in lockdown due to the global pandemic, many countries have started to ease the restrictions. Particularly in Australia & New Zealand, schools have reopened, workers are heading back to their offices, and restaurants & retail stores are beginning to resume trade with new set of guidelines. These guidelines might also vary from one state to another and hence businesses that operate and have offices in different states, need to provide relevant updates to their employees to be able to comply with the new regulations. The most common practice from employers is to send out regular emails outlining the guidelines.

Chatbots are beginning to play a vital role in providing real-time upto date information. Whether you are a customer looking to engage with a retail outlet or a citizen trying to find relevant information from your government agencies, chatbots can provide relevant information quickly on your own devices. Quite often the queries are related to recent changes in policies/regulations. In this blog, I would like to show you how easy it is to build chatbots using SAP Conversational AI using a set of questions & answers in a FAQ document. The chatbot I am demonstrating here is specifically to provide the right information for employees who are returning to work. The goal is to provide the relevant information and at the same time be able to capture their sentiments and concerns via a survey process. Every employer would want to know how they can keep their employees comfortable when they are back at work and provide the team a safe and comfortable work environment. This is can be easily achieved using some of the free solutions offered by SAP Qualtrics for COVID-19.

Here is a short demo video on how the bot works in various messaging channels.

The bot which I have built leverages a FAQ document with set of questions and answer. Below is the sample FAQ document which I have prepared for this demonstration. Each organization will have their set of FAQ documents along with the government imposed regulations. You just need to convert them in a CSV file and provide them to the bot.

Building the bot is as easy as just uploading this document and your bot is ready in few mins. You can also upload a file that includes multiple or alternative questions for the same answer and use that content to train the bot.

The bot gets generated with predefined skills. For example, it ask for feedback when it provides a response and also handles basic responses when user says Hello, thank you etc. You can enhance these skills for your requirements. There is an in-built option to test the bot and you can tweak the configuration based on how your bot is responding to the queries.

Once the bot is ready, you need to make it available within your applications. The most common approach is to embed these bots within your corporate portal. There are also options to embed these bots within popular messaging platforms like MS Teams, Slack, Twilio etc. For this demonstration, I have used MS Teams and Slack as I use them heavily at my workplace.

Please note that for integration with MS Teams, you need to have a Microsoft Azure account. I have created a Bot service and configured the integration with SAP Conversational AI and selected the channel as “Microsoft Teams”.

This enabled me to have this bot as a contact in my Microsoft Teams. I was able to launch it and interact with the bot from my Teams.

Similarly, I was also able to setup the integration with Slack and add this bot as an app within my workspace.

In order to connect with WhatsApp, I have used a Twilio account to try this out. There is an excellent blog posted by sudip.ghosh4 on WhatsApp Integration.

You can also plug these chatbots within your corporate Portal or Fiori Launchad as shown below

Once the bot is ready in Conversational AI, its matter for few minutes to expose it in different channels. The whole process took me only few minutes.

I have also configured the bot to request users to take a Qualtrics survey when they have finished interacting with the bot. This gives an opportunity for the employer to be able to understand the employee pulse and support them by creating a safe and comfortable working environment. You can register for a free account with Qualtrics and use some of the free solutions which have been provided as part of COVID-19 XM solutions. The solution which I am using for the demonstration is “Return To Work Pulse”.


I have created the project following the wizard which created a survey with the set of questions. I have generated an anonymous Survey Link  which I have embedded in the bot towards the end to capture feedback from the users.

The whole process of creating a Conversational AI based chatbot and connecting with Qualtrics was quick and easy. I would encourage you try out these solutions and see how best we can position these solutions to our customers in the current situation.

To know more about how you can configure SAP Conversational AI and Qualtrics, I have also posted a video where I have explained some of the steps in detail to get started.

For more information about SAP Conversational AI:

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