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     Today retailers are faced with consumer demands for tailored merchandising and flawless execution in stores. Consumer products companies are taking a more active role in how their products and brands are merchandised in-store, so they can ensure their products are in stock, placed, priced, and promoted properly and enable a stronger service orientation presence with retailers.

     Consumer product manufacturers often face challenges in executing their plans consistently at the retail level and therefore look to enhance their retail store execution capabilities via mobile technologies. While mobile-enabled solutions have been in use for many years for direct store delivery and warehouse management, new mobility solutions for retail execution and related in-store processes are completely transforming the way that sales people engage with retail customers. Mobile solutions promote brand loyalty and boost product sales by providing anywhere, anytime access to relevant information. It is also changing how consumer product companies manage in-store execution to maximize brand and promotion investments and increase the productivity of on-the-go merchandisers and sales representatives. When retail execution plans are successfully implemented, they have the potential to result in higher revenue and reduced out-of-stocks for the retailers and manufacturers, and improved shopping experience for consumers. These benefits put together bring about the notion of “a perfect store”- where a consumer finds the right product, in stock, at the right time, at the right price. Find out how mobile solutions from SAP can help you achieve retail excellence by understanding the concept of a perfect store in this blog post by Chris Wiesen, Director of Mobile Applications, Consumer Products Industry Business Solutions, SAP Labs.

      Join us for an interactive webcast on August 6th to hear Consumer Goods Technology moderate a panel discussion with experts from SAP, IDC Manufacturing Insights and Conair Corporation on the recent advances and future opportunities in some of retail industry’s hottest topics such as territory planning and route management, in-store merchandising execution and compliance; and inventory, orders, claims and returns.

Webcast: Tuesday, 8/6/2013 2:00 PM (EDT)

Register today to hear how your company can achieve retail excellence to enable the perfect store and win at the shelf!

The panel includes:

Kara Romanow, Executive Editor, CGT Magazine


Jon Harding
Global CIO,Conair Corporation

Chris Wiesen

Director of Mobile Applications, Consumer Products Industry Business Solutions,SAP Labs

Simon Ellis
Practice Director, Supply Chain Strategies, IDC Manufacturing Insights

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