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This blog is applicable to only systems upgraded from a dual stack PI to latest 7.31(both single or dual stacks) systems. This is a small piece of configuration in the Netweaver Administrator and the ABAP Integration Engine of the system which is buried deep, both in the documentation and in the system as well.

When a dual stack system is upgraded to 7.31, the system gives a choice to enable the new feature from the classic ABAP based Alert Framework that is enabled by default. If this is step is not carried out during the upgrade process (the basis person may not know the applicability of this new feature and may simply choose to go with the default Alert Framework option). In order to enable the latest component based message alerting mechanism which is purely based out of the Java stack (but capable of alerting for errors in both the stacks), please read ahead.

Procedure for Java Central Adapter Engine:

Log on to NWA and navigate to Configuration Next navigation step Infrastructure Next navigation step JAVA System Properties Next navigation step Services: XPI Service: AF Core

Change the parameter value to 1 from the default zero value. Save and restart you Java Engine (required).

Procedure for the ABAP Integration Engine:

Log on to the ABAP stack and go to transaction SXMB_ADM, Integration Engine Configuration and then Configuration.

Add the below parameters with value 1 under the category Monitor


Save and Exit.

Further reading -

You can refer to the below blog on how to use the Component Based Message Alerting -

Michal's PI tips: Component-Based Message Alerting

Hope this helps.

Vijayashankar Konam.

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