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1. Prerequisites

The corresponding BW reports should be built on BW system before they can be used as links in CRM Portal.

2. Configuration Rationale

This configuration is required as part of BI report access from the CRM portal. It includes addition of BI report links for respective queries and applicable roles on the CRM portal.

3. Configuration Procedure

3.1 Development of the BI Reports

The BI Queries should be already developed using Query Designer

3.2 Defining the BI Reports

We take the path specified below:

1.  CRM-> UI Frame work-> UI Frame work Definition -> Display SAP netweaver BW Reports

Click on New entries and maintain the values as shown in figure below:

3.3 Defining the Logical Links

We take the path specified below:

CRM-> UI Frame work-> Technical role Definition -> Define Navigation Bar profile.

  1. Double click on “Define Logical link” and create logical links for all Queries as shown in below figure:

2.  Go back and click on “Define work center Link Group” link.

3.  Select standard link group “ANA-RPT-SR” on left Navigation Pane double click on “Assign Links to work center Link Group”.

4.   Assign the logical links pertaining to BI reports to this work center link group.

5. Select the required Navigation Profile Bar and assign the SLS-REPORT work center link to it as shown below.

CRM-> UI Frame work-> Business Roles -> Define Business Role

  1. Select the required business role and double click on “Adjust work center Group Links” on left pane.
  2. Click on “position” For displaying the Reports related to opportunities enter the following Values

          Work center Id = SLS-REPORT

          Group ID= ANA-RPT-SR

  3.   Once you are in the Overview page check the box “Visible” for all the reports to be displayed in UI as shown in figure below.

WEB UI Output:


Apoorv Dhawan

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