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With SDI in the bag, I was wondering whether I could enable the HANA Rules Framework (HRF) on my HANA, express edition in a similar way.

As it turned out, this was also absolutely possible and if fact quite straight forward as well:

  1. increase the virtual machine memory to 12GB

  2. Create a tenant database

  3. Enable HTTP and HTTPS access to the tenant database

  4. Import the HRF delivery unit

  5. Set Up a Technical User

  6. Configure the HRF

  7. Deploying the HRF Modelling Tools

  8. Create a Vocabulary

  9. Configure the Standalone Web Application

  10. Create a Rule

  11. Create and test a Rule Service

After increasing the memory of my freshly upgraded HANA, express edition virtual machine, I grant role sap.hana.admin.cockpit.sysdb.roles::SysDBAdmin to the SYSTEM user of my SYSTEMDB to enable creating a tenant database from the HANA Cockpit:

With this I create a new tenant database. This time it only requires an indexserver, nothing else:

This can take a while to be created and started:

Once created and started, in the HRF tenant database, I add a role to the SYSTEM there to enable importing the HRF Delivery Unit from the HANA Cockpit as well:

Also, I have to activate HTTP and HTTPS access to the tenant database:

The architecture of my HANA, express edition now looks as follows with the Web Dispatcher deciding on the vhost property whether to send a request to the SYSTEMDB or my HRF tenant database:

I can see the respective automatic configuration in the Web Dispatcher Trace:

So this time, rather than importing the HRF delivery unit from Eclipse, I can use the HANA Cockpit:

In preparation for configuring the HRF I set up the required technical user:

The HRF configuration itself is an API call that I send from Postman:

In preparation for building my Vocabulary I deploy the HRF Modelling Tools into Eclipse:

With this I can create a package with my Vocabulary:

In preparation for configuring the Standalone Web Application and creating my first Rule I grant the required HRF roles to my HRF tenant database SYSTEM user:

This allows me to configure the Standalone Web Application:

Now I am all set to follow my previous HRF blog and build my first Rule:

And respective Rule Service that returns the expected results when tested:

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