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After having setup SDI on my HCP account following this excellent blog series by ben.hofmans, I was wondering whether I could do the same on my HANA, express edition. This turned out to be absolutely possible and if fact quite straight forward:

  1. Increase the virtual machine memory to 12GB

  2. Create a tenant database with the Data Provisioning Server enabled

  3. Import the Smart Data Integration delivery unit

  4. Configure the Smart Data Integration agent

  5. Verify the Smart Data Integration agent connection

  6. Create a Remote Source

  7. Create a Virtual Table

To make room for an additional HANA database container, I increase the memory of my HANA, express edition from its the 9GB after the upgrade to 12GB:

Then I log into the HANA Cockpit with my SYSTEM user and automatically get the required roles assigned:

Currently, there is only the SYSTEMDB:

So I create a new tenant database including the dpserver Service:

This can take a while:

But eventually both databases are running fine:

The issues come from the HANA, express edition log mode and can be ignored for such sandbox systems:

After downloading the SDI Delivery Unit:

I can import it into my database tenant:

In my case from the Client:

And after a short while, the import is completed successfully:

With this I create an SDIUSER with the required Application privilege


Then, I determine the SDI tenant indexserver SQL Port:

And connect my SDI agent accordingly:

Which is confirmed working:

Finally, I register my SDI agent with my HANA, express edition:

Which again is confirmed accordingly:

With the Agent Registration being updated:

To verify this on the HANA, express edition side, I register my tenant database for HTTP and HTTPS access:

ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('xsengine.ini', 'database', 'SDI') SET 
('public_urls', 'http_url') = 'http://sdihost:8000' WITH RECONFIGURE;

ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('xsengine.ini', 'database', 'SDI') SET
('public_urls', 'https_url') = 'https://sdihost:4300' WITH RECONFIGURE;

And adjust the respective database property:

To see the Agent Monitor tile in the HANA Cockpit, my SYSTEM user needs role

Which shows under HANA Data Provisioning Monitoring:

And clicking on the tile, the agent details get displayed:

With this, all SDI functionality is available to me on my HANA, express edition so that I can complete ben.hofmans blog series locally. For this I first assign my SDIUSER role sap.hana.ide.roles::Developer:

To then start my local HANA Web-based Development Workbench:

Where I create a new remote data source:

On which basis I create a respective virtual table:

To finally access my data file contents in my HANA, express edition catalog:

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