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When you first connect HANA Studio to your HANA, express edition, you will be presented with 1 alert with HIGH priority:

HANA Cockpit paints the same picture:

Checking the Alert Details, you find that this is due to your Database does not support point-in-time recovery as current log mode is overwrite:

Since the HANA express edition is meant to be a sandbox system, you could of course not mind and switch off the Schedule in the respective Alert Checker Configuration if you were bothered by it:

However, if you wanted to learn and try how HANA logging and point-in-time recovery work, e.g. in preparation for a HANA certification, you could as well enable it. For this, you set the Log mode from overwrite back to its default value normal:

To prevent the log area from overflowing, you then also have to perform a full database backup to enable log backups:

Subsequently you see automatic log backups appearing in the Backup Catalog:

Depending on your system activity, these backups will be smaller or larger, but to prevent the file system from overflowing, from now on you would have to make regularly full database backups to be able to Delete Older Backups:

Alternatively, you could of course always switch back to Log mode overwrite.
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