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Source: SAP

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All forward-looking statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of their dates, and they should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. (Source: SAP)

Source: SAP

Definition and motivation

Development and operations and their view

Different views

Idea is to break up silos and work together for outcome

Source: SAP

DevOps – Ken Mugrage quote

Overcoming silos, work together

Source: SAP

Now apply to SAP projects

Start with ABAP environment, on premise, then to cloud, open approaches to languages

For ABAP look at the lightning talk: LT110 – Include ABAP in DevOps: Picture the Possibilities

CAA803 – Road Map: SAP Cloud Platform Development Tooling

Source: SAP

Focus on SCP

Several categories to build bridge between dev and ops

DevOps is a cultural thing; need to overcome barriers, establish agile environment

Plan & set up – set up infrastructure

Develop & test

Deliver & change – propagate in different environments – dev-test-prod in a controlled way

Monitoring and operating

Overarching topic – automate and operate, how to better improve approaches

Asterisks – topics that SAP is working on, plan on services in H12020

Source: SAP

SAP Cloud Platform planning and set up guide, how to start work with SCP – securing, support, lifecycle management activities

DevOps Planner – SAP is working on, plan on beta in Q1 next year

Source: SAP

Different tools that pop up

GitHub, integration with Jenkins, testing and automation

Use case, how to configure

Challenge is to manage DevOps tool zoo

Source: SAP

Use case: develop Fiori App, develop chain of tools, have tool chain and pipeline

This is currently in development

Source: SAP

Development – approaches

SAP Cloud Application Model – golden path of best practices – guides you to use core data services, goal to ease development

SAP Web IDE – access it from different front ends, have right set up, high integration with SAP Cloud Platform; use is optional, can still use Eclipse

iFlow, security content, authorizations, business rules, API Management – provide managed approach along lifecycle

Source: SAP


CAA160 – Getting Started with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model was briefly discussed

Source: SAP

How handle different dependencies

Cloud software – multiple modules, deployed to different run times; a driver for agility; use best knowledge for your development team

One application, desire one lifecycle – MTA – one archive for all things; a nice hand over between dev and ops

Source: SAP

When developers have changes, push to central repository (like GitHub), triggers CI server, pipeline on Jenkins, get direct feedback

Former times, piled into releases, and now smaller artifacts, a lot of automated testing and feedback cycles

Source: SAP

How apply CI to SAP Cloud Platform?

Best practices built on use cases

Improved best practices at Continuous Integration Best Practices with SAP

Source: SAP

Project Piper – internal team – Pipeline templates are on GitHub

Piper templates make sense if you have Jenkins in place; opening up for further frameworks

See CAA217 – Efficient Continuous Delivery in the SAP Ecosystem

Source: SAP

Example of opinionated pipeline is SAP Cloud SDK

CAA119 – Explore Extension Use Cases for the Intelligent Enterprise

Source: SAP

Operations can use archive to perform an automated deployment; deploys to right run time in the right order

Deployment can be triggered manually via command line or cockpit (upload) or a managed delivery process

Source: SAP

Continuous delivery – source code development, fully automated, central approach

Source: SAP

Automated approach, trigger delivery to run time

Could have conditions where this does not fit

Source: SAP

Option for transport management for delivery option – standardized change management, audit trail of changes, separation of concerns (dev to central teams, on-premise or hybrid applications)

2 approaches – change and transport system (to the right)

Also have SAP Cloud Platform transport management – cloud centric approach

Source: SAP

Have an on-premise CTS+ system, model logical representation of SAP Cloud Platform landscape

Changes are triggered from SCP to on premise system

Source: SAP

Link: How to integrate SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management into your CI/CD pipeline | SAP Blogs

Cloud-based SCP transport management

Use the cloud service to model landscape, target sub accounts

CTS+ can handle MTA

See CAA382 – Set Up and Use SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management

Source: SAP

High level change management around SolMan

Build clusters for development – on premise & cloud sub accounts

Can be integrated into Charm/quality gate process

See Session at SAP TechEd CAA215 – Change Control Management: Building the Bridge for CI/CD in Hybrid Solution

Source: SAP

Interplay with CI

Best practice to combine “best of 2 worlds”

Agile in development – CI, pipeline, development gets feedback, automated

Get closer to production, full control, delivery landscape based on transport rules

Approve changes to production for automation reasons

Source: SAP

Need for controlled production deployments

Tackle with central deployment service, get a history of deployments, analytics – how long for a deployment

Orchestration – SAP CP transport management

Source: SAP

Development is working on, mockups with an idea

Source: SAP

Native tools such as logging service, monitoring service

SAP Applications Lifecycle Management with SolMan and Focused Run

3rd party tools such as Dynatrace

See SAP TechEd session CAA216 – Observe and Control Your Applications Running on SAP Cloud Platform

Source: SAP

Alerting – want to be notified if there is an issue, for example, with the database

Offered by SAP Cloud Platform, subscribe to events

CAA216 – Observe and Control Your Applications Running on SAP Cloud Platform

Source: SAP

Automation, use cases

Certificate handling

High integration with DevOps services

Source: SAP

Automation services, to be offered (planned) Q1 2020

If issue with database, restart, or root cause; with automation pilot, could trigger corresponding command from alert

Provide catalog of predefined commands

CAA216 – Observe and Control Your Applications Running on SAP Cloud Platform

Source: SAP

Hybrid supportability with SolMan/Focused Run – integration monitoring – see data flows between cloud and on premise components

Exception management

User monitoring, server monitoring

Trace analysis of performance issue

Source: SAP

Planning for an integrated DevOps management service, a cockpit, manage DevOps tool chain

History, analytics data, notified early of possible issues, trigger remediation procedures

Still in definition phase H2 2020

Source: SAP

Overall story of DevOps, apply DevOps around SCP

Services planned next year

Span the different SAP Cloud Platform environments (Neo, Cloud Foundry, planned for ABAP SCP)

Support hybrid lifecycle approach

Multi cloud enabled with hyperscalers

Open for 3rd party tools, open source tools

Provide guidance, not tools

More insights at CAA809 – Road Map: DevOps for SAP


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