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This blog will help you in enabling and troubleshooting the below apps in S/4 HANA 1610 FPS01

  1. Monitor Production Orders

  2. Manage Orders

  3. Manage PIR

  4. Internal order

Monitor production orders, Manage orders, Manage PIR, Internal order

Steps to enable

  • Ensure the software component UIS4HOP1 200 – SP 0001 is installed. UIAPFI70 400 - SP 0001 for Internal order factsheet app

  • Ensure the backend component S4CORE 101 – SP 0001 is installed.

  • Enable the below SICF services

    • PP_PRDORDI_MRS1 (for monitor production orders)

    • PP_MRP_REUSES1 * (for monitor production orders

    • PP_FCDMISSUESS1 (for manage PIRs)

    • FIN_FS_INTORDER (for internal order)

  • Enable the below ODATA services

    • PP_MRP_COCKPIT_SRV 0001 (for monitor production orders)

    • PPH_FCDM_MAINT_SRV 0001 (for Manage PIRs)

    • CB_INTERNAL_ORDER_SRV  0001(for internal order)

  • Enable the WDA application EAMS_WDA_ONL_IC_OVP for Manage orders

  • For Manage PIRs

    • Assign the business roles SAP_BR_PRODN_PLNR and SAP_BR_MATL_PLNR_EXT_PROC to

      • the business catalog SAP_SCM_BC_FCDM_MAINTAIN

      • the business group SAP_SCM_BCG_MATL_PRODN_PLNG

    • Assign the respective users to the business role SAP_BR_PRODN_PLNR and SAP_BR_MATL_PLNR_EXT_PROC

  • For Monitor production orders

    • Assign the business role SAP_BR_PRODN_PLNR to

      • the business catalog SAP_SCM_BC_PLNG_INH_PRODN

      • the business group SAP_SCM_BCG_MATL_PRODN_PLNG

    • Assign the respective users to the business role SAP_BR_PRODN_PLNR

  • For Internal order

    • Assign the business role SAP_BR_CONTROLLER to

      • the business catalog SAP_SFIN_BC_CO_FS_OPA

    • Enable the below search connectors






      • ASSET_H

      • GL_ACCOUNT_H

      • CUSTOMER_H



Issue 1:

  1. Go to Monitor production orders

  2. Enter the filter criterias

There may not be any data loading though there is data in the backend. The possible reasons are, the materials that are marked as bad will not appear in MRP apps. Inspite of having the materials as good, if the orders are not loading, running the report PPH_MRP_SET_CACHE in the respective backend system and make a buffer refresh using function "refresh for all selected entries" for the required plant and MRP controller will help in resolution.

Issue 2:

  1. Go to Monitor production orders

  2. From the list of orders displayed, choose an order of type ZPME

  3. Click on Manage items from the bottom right corner

This will not open the order, instead it will display "No items currently available". This issue can be resolved by apply the note 2514888

Issue 3:

  1. Go to Manage PIR app

  2. Enter a material no and search

This will not display the results though the data is available in the backend and the if the same material no is searched from the Change PIR app, it will display the results.

The reason could be that the material uses the period type 'P'. This is not supported in Manage PIRs. It supports only 'M' or 'W' as period types. Ensure that the area of responsibility is yours. Also, ensure that the authorization object M_FCDM_ORG with ACTVT=03 for display and 01 and 02 for change authority.

Also, it is recommended to always start with Manage PIRs and use it rather than using Create PIR / Change PIRs app.

Issue 4:

  1. Go to Internal order object page

  2. In the search results page, click on to the Display CO Production Order link which is there as part of each internal order search result.

This will throw an error Could not open app. This issue can be resolved by applying the notes 2496794, 2551251.

Hope this helps
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