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This document should explain how to configure Oracle EM console in SAP environment, because there is one big issue with ORACLE_HOME environment variable.

As in SAP installation on Linux (or other unix OS), normally installation is done into /oracle/<SID>/11203 or /oracle/<SID>/112_64 directory, but ORACLE_HOME is set to /oracle/<SID>/112, which is soft link, there is a problem with configuration of EM.

In Oracle notes 1106623.1 and 550484.1 it is described that ORACLE_HOME should be set to physical directory, not to linked one.

Solution is to change scripts emca and emctl which are located in /oracle/<SID>/112/bin directory and replace physical directory with linked one and then start command for configuration:

     emca -config dbcontrol db -repos create

Also for RAC database there is two other prerequisites:

1. parameter remote_listener must be set to scan VIP

2. password files for all instances must exists in /oracle/<SID>/112/dbs directory

Then you can start configuration:

emca -config dbcontrol db -repos create -cluster

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