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The Document Compliance Framework

SAP Document Compliance is an extensible framework that allows partners to build solutions for digital compliance requirements following the standard SAP Document Compliance architecture. This facilitates implementation and operations for customers using SAP Document Compliance as their global solution for digital compliance requirements. At the same time, it considerably reduces the time and effort a partner needs to develop the solution, since most of the capabilities already available for other countries and scenarios can be reused.

Sothis is the SAP partner in Spain with the most SII implementations carried out in Spain. More than 80 projects with SAP standard SII Solution.

I work at Sothis for more than 10 years and in the last years in solutions for legal requirements.

Two years ago a customer proposed us a project for electronic invoice for Uruguay, and we thought in a solution using the standard tool. Is for that we have created this solution.


SAP Document Compliance for Uruguay by Sothis         


As the majority of countries in Latin America, Uruguay has put in place a mandatory e-invoicing schema. Since 2019, the majority of the companies must send their electronic fiscal receipts (Comprobantes Fiscales Electronicos, CFE) to the tax authority (Dirección General Impositiva, DGI), which returns an electronic authorization code (Código de Autorización Electrónico, CAE) that validates the invoice.

The Document Compliance solution for Uruguay developed by Sothis allows companies to generate, submit to DGI, and process electronic documents according to the local specifications based on the standard components of SAP Document Compliance.


Architecture of the solution


With SAP Document Compliance for Uruguay by Sothis, you can manage different types of CFE: e-invoices, e-tickets, and electronic withholding documents (“e-resguardos”). The electronic files are automatically generated at the moment the invoice is posted – without data replication or risk of inconsistencies. The XML can be automatically submitted or visualized prior to submission.

The different steps and statuses that the document goes through after submission can be tracked and monitored on the eDocument Cockpit, until the final step of submission to the customer. The solution includes also the printing of the QR code required for the logistics invoice forms.


Cockpit of the Solution


What’s next?

This was the first end to end solution for document compliance developed by Sothis, after many years of experience implementing the standard scenarios for countries like Spain, Italy and Mexico. We are looking forward to providing similar extensions to further customers and countries, and also to hear from other customers and partners willing to share their experience about building solutions on SAP Document Compliance.


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