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This week, we'll study a pattern known as Channel Adapter.

When do I use this pattern?

Channel Adapters are used to interact with third party systems from middleware. For example, a CRM system may trigger events when customer data changes. The Adapter will consume an event and create a corresponding Message for middleware system to process that change in customer data. In other words, adapters are translators between middleware and third-party system.

Channel Adapter in CPI

In CPI, many channel adapters are available. There are protocol based or application based adapters available out of the box. They are listed in the References/Further Readings section below.

CPI Adapters are implemented as Camel Component. This enables the developer to not only use many open source components but also develop their own. mayurbelur.mohan shows how to use open-source Apache Came Components as Adapters in CPI. And, SAP has documented developing custom adapters.

EIPinCPI Rating - 10/10

With extensive support of inbuilt adapters and a software development kit to build custom adapters, this pattern deserves a complete rating of 10 out of 10.


Channel Adapters are a great way to connect to the third-party systems and helps in reducing developer effort.

References/Further Readings

Hope this helps,

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