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This article gives detail installation & Configuration steps for EHS Datasources in ECC.

Author: Romi Das

Company: IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

Created on: 8th May 2016

Author Bio

Romi is a SAP BI consultant currently working with IBM India Pvt. Ltd. She has got rich experience in BW, BOBJ & ABAP implementation.


Business Content datasource (DS) is present in the delivered version (D). We have to convert them into the active version (A). All the BC datasources will be present in the Tcode: RSA5.For EHS Datasources only installation/Activation from RSA5 is not enough, some set of specific Configuration needed to make it work. The document will illustrate how we can find the configuration details and set it up in ECC system.

Step1: Go to Tcode: RSA5 and select the respective datasource and click the activate button present on the top of the screen. Then the datasource will be converted to active version (A) and this active version (A) datasources will be seen in Tcode: RSA6.

Note: Below mentioned error will occur during RSA3 execution of the installed Datasource before performing necessary configuration Steps

Step2: Specific configuration need to set up to fix the issue. Goto TCODE SPRO and select  ‘Existing BC Sets’ ->Drill down EHS Managent

Step3:   Right Click on ‘BC Set Exists’ -> Display Documentation

Step4:  Click on ‘Configure Extractors’  then below tables will be displayed.

Step5: Click on each table for detail configuration details.

Step6: Go Back and Click on ‘Configure Extractors’.

Step7: Click on ‘New Entries’.

Step8: Enter Configuration details as per BC Set found on step 4.

Step9: Click on specific Extractor and goto ->Table for Change Doc Evaluation in Left Pane

Step 10: Click on New Entries and Enter Configuration details as per BC Set.

Step 11: Goto SE11 and check table EHFNDC_FW_BI_EXT for entry confirmation.

Step12: Goto SE11 and check table EHFNDC_FW_BI_CDT for entry confirmation.

Goto RSA3 and click on Extraction to see the data

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