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Cognizant in collaboration with SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) which facilitates project based co-innovation with its members, has developed a unique Demand Management solution  “eDopt- Energy Demand Optimizer”, a plug and play framework to accommodate different curtailment needs in the utility ecosystem.

Business Challenge

The utility industry is battling a stagnant energy demand with diminishing growth rates, increasing the revenue pressure. This leads to the internal imperative to reduce operational cost by increasing efficiency as well as automation. This helped recognize a need in the Demand Management (Demand Response, Demand Side Management and Energy Efficiency) space in Utilities, a solution that could more effectively administer Demand Management (DM).

Leveraging HANA’s capability, it’s possible to crunch large volume of data ,correlate big data sets like 30 min interval demand data from smart meters (122 TB~ 140 billion records per year) with weather data(1 year history/future), customer base lining (~2.3 million customers), geographical location information, cost and market data. 

eDopt leverages advanced predictive analysis performed on aggregated data and proprietary algorithms to enable, optimize and implement Demand Management Programs.

eDopt :Advance features

  • 360 degree view of DSR programs
  • One click program KPI Display
  • Simplified DR Program creation
  • Predictive program profitability Analysis
  • Customer app for providing consent.

Business Impact:

  • Effective cost reduction for both suppliers and customers.
  • Reduction in Churn rate, while customers leverage the financial incentives offered by
  • DSM Program.
  • Better use of existing grid capacity, integration of energy storage and demand-side management.

Human and social Impact:

  • Reduction in carbon emission and carbon footprint.
  • Overall quality improvement and systems stability.
  • Reduction in loss of energy by bridging demand and supply gap.

Technical Impact of HANA

  • Crunching of high volume/velocity big data in seconds.
  • Enables simulation, monitoring and solve maximization problem with in Demand Management space.
  • Real time analysis, forecasting and monitoring of DM.
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