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In now days almost all large companies have switched to EDI

For example "Requirements for suppliers" by the chain of hypermarkets "Lenta" ("Russian Walmart")

As we can see in these requirements EDI is a mandatory parameter.

One of the possible EDI implementations with SAP S/4HANA, SAP PO, and Kontur.EDI system provided in this blog-post

The task was considered from SAP PO standpoint.


EDI (Electronic data interchange) are standardized message formats for transferring business information between organizations.

The main types of electronic messages that are used to transfer commercial information:

ORDERS - an order, generated in the customer's accounting system (1c, SAP, Galaxy and so on) sent by an EDI message and available for viewing and uploading to Excel in the provider's personal account (web-interface).

ORDRSP - order confirmation, in response to the order, the supplier can send an ORDRSP EDI message, in which to clarify the invoice part and delivery time.

DESADV is a shipment notification, an analog of shipping documents, is transmitted at the time of shipment and contains up-to-date information about the shipment of goods from the supplier's warehouse.

RECADV - acceptance notification, contains information about the actually accepted goods (indicating the reason for non-acceptance. Allows you to generate a correct invoice immediately after acceptance)

INVOIC is an electronic document similar to the supplier's UTD document. e-Signed through the Kontur.EDI system.

*More about UTD in Note:

3019378 - How to implement Electronic Unified Transfer Document solution

COINVOIC - an electronic document generated on the basis of a correction invoice

About Kontur.EDI.

Kontur.EDI is a system for electronic relevant in law documents interchange between companies

You can work with Kontur.EDI via a web interface or in different accounting systems (1c, Galaxy, SAP, etc). All documents are signed by e-signature and securely protected. You may store them in
Kontur.EDI or copy them to your local archive.

Clients: BILLA, hypermarket chain, SCHNEIDER GROUP, Nestle Russia, food producer, and so on

The task from SAP PO/BASIS standpoint.

Kontur.EDI is 3-rd party external system so, in this integration scenario, we will use SAP PO

Step 1.

In SAP PO create messages from the External Definition (xsd)


ZIP-file with xsd-schemas (coinvoic, desadv and so on)

ZIP-file with empty XML examples  (coinvoic, desadv and so on)

Importing XSD’s Schema With External References (step-by-step guide)

Step 2.

In SAP PI create Actions and Service Interfaces for S/4HANA and Kontur.EDI

Step 3.

In SAP PO create a Process Integration Scenario in ESR


1.Sending an order (SI_Order_Out)

2.Receiving an order and sending a confirmation of receipt (SI_Ordersp_Out)

3.Retrieving data(SI_Ordersp_In,SI_Desadv_In,SI_Invoic_In)

4.Sending shipment data (SI_Desadv_Out)

5.Retrieving data(SI_Ordersp_In,SI_Desadv_In,SI_Invoic_In)

6.Sending an invoice (SI_Invoic_In)

7.Receiving an invoice and sending an acceptance notification (SI_Recadv_Out)

8.Receive notification of acceptance and send a corrective invoice (SI_Coinvoic_Out)

9. Receiving a corrective invoice and sending a return notification (SI_Coinvoic_In)

Step 4. MT/DT for Invoice

In SAP PO create a Message and Data type for Invoice in ESR

Step 5. Create Message Wrapper for Invoice

Create Operation and Message Mapping for "Invoice in one tag" in ESR

Step 6. Communication Channels

In SAP PO create a bundle of Communication Channels in IB

Create Sender/Receiver Communication Channel

For all Channels:


Port: 21

Login/password (you must receive it from the Diadoc team after registration)

Kontur.EDI as Receiver:

INVOIC (Target Directory -/Outbox/, File Name Scheme - INVOIC.xml)

DESADV (Target Directory -/Outbox/, File Name Scheme - DESADV.xml)

COINVOIC (Target Directory -/Outbox/, File Name Scheme - COINVOC*.xml)

Diadoc as Sender:

ORDERS (Target Directory -/Inbox/, File Name Scheme - ORDERS*.xml)

RECADV (Target Directory -/Inbox/, File Name Scheme - RECADV*.xml)

Step 7. ICo

In SAP PI create a bundle of ICo in IB

Inbound processing - SOAP (from S/4HANA)

Outbound processing - FILE (Adapter Type - FILE, from Kontur.EDI)

Inbound processing - FILE  (Adapter Type - FILE, from Kontur.EDI)

Outbound processing - FILE (to S/4HANA)

and binding to Communication Channel

Out of this blog post:, The task from an ABAP/MM/SD standpoint.

ABAP Developer together with MM/SD Consultants must consume service Interface created in SAP PO in S/4HANA (SPROXY) and fill out generated structures in Z-code.

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