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German version here: Ein Upgrade für die Produktivität am Arbeitsplatz (

Frankfurt, Atlanta, Beijing - some of the largest aviation hubs in the world. Do you realize how many direct flights can be saved by changing planes at a hub? While transferring is a bit more laborious than just boarding and arriving directly at your final destination, the benefits outweigh the costs many times over. Why is that? In this blog post I will talk about how airport hubs can help us tackle workplace inefficiency due to missing links in our workaday business applications.

Classic productivity killers: document search, data maintenance, information overload

Everyday work with SAP or Microsoft often works according to the point-to-point system, rather than like a hub. Hand on heart: how much time do you spend each week searching for information, data and documents, in many different programs?

What does that have to do with point-to-point? Every time you need to search for a mail, maintain a list (often multiple times and in different applications), or repeatedly send a file to a colleague, it's the equivalent of a flight movement. Some routes we fly unnecessarily even several times a day. This creates duplication of effort. In addition, the number of daily flights is continuously increasing. This hardly gets us anywhere with our actual work.

 "Did I receive the urgent quote calculation for our most important customer in the chat or by mail? Have I already forwarded it to XY? And anyway, is what I'm looking at actually the most recent version?"

So the obvious solution is to set up a hub to streamline workflows. You wonder what that should be in the case of documents and information? A so-called digital interface or quite simply: the Productivity X solution!

What Productivity X is and how it makes your job easier

Productivity X can connect just about every programs, IT tools and other data storage mediums you use in the digital workplace. Originally conceived as a connector between the worlds of SAP and Microsoft, it's designed to be collaborative enough that it's not limited to those two.

Productivity X performs the hub function by being independently connected between the applications you want to link. You won't notice any of this - except for a small assistant in SAP. It supplies you with all the information you need at any given time. For a customer or project, for example, this includes e-mails, contact data, orders, invoices, documents, tasks, appointments or even chat messages. Here we show you how this can look like:

  • Simply assign your e-mails from Outlook and either make them visible only to yourself or share them directly at the business object with colleagues.

  • You can write chat messages and upload documents to the business object directly in SAP or in Microsoft Teams/SharePoint - depending on what you have open at the moment. This saves you from constantly switching between different applications by automatically synchronizing the data. All relevant information is pinned to the business object like to a bulletin board, always perfectly filtered and updated.

  • Maintain to-dos and Planner tasks directly in SAP - a huge advantage if you work intensively with these tools, e.g. in project management.

Productivity X: Simply work easier

What is the hub for aviation is a digital interface for productive work. For example, by attaching quote calculations directly to the customer in SAP, rather than copying them umpteen times and chasing them through the corporate network in ever-changing versions, you reduce your team's added flight movements.

"Productivity X is the first-class software hub where you can conveniently stop in, put your feet up in the lounge for a moment, and then jet through your workday more efficiently and relaxed than ever."

Bottom line: less is more

Productivity X isn't another tool that actually creates extra work instead of helping you get work done. Productivity X is simply there, reliably holding all relevant information and linking your software applications together. This saves you time, work and nerves. And time is money, not only in air travel, but especially in today's fast-paced and highly competitive working world. Focus on results instead of managing yourself.

Want to learn more?

  • Feel free to take a look at our website and watch our web session replay for free!

  • Additionally, Productivity X is listed in the SAP Store and is also part of SAP's Industry Cloud. Here you can find an exciting blog article about the Industry Cloud. In the SAP Store, you will only find partner solutions that have been tested by SAP for technical compatibility. The Industry Cloud even goes so far as to only include cloud solutions that offer dedicated industry added value. Productivity X is part of the Industry Cloud for the discrete industries Industrial Machinery and Components and Automotive.

  • Furthermore, Productivity X is not only designed to connect Microsoft with SAP S/4HANA or SAP Sales Cloud, but can truly integrate all SAP products with Microsoft and third-party programs.

Of course, my colleagues and I are available for a demo or discussion. With Productivity X, you can digitize more efficiently, successfully and smartly today.

Feel free to contact us. We look forward to making your work easier!

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