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In this post, I would like to show how to connect Eclipse ADT to SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP Developer Edition 7.52 SP04 on Ubuntu, which is running on Oracle Virtual box.

For Eclipse ADT installation you check that link. And for Abap Developer Edition installation have a look at that blog post.

With steps below you can connect to SAP from Eclipse;


Step 1 - Check your SAP GUI connection


Step 2 - Virtual Box 3300 port forwarding for local ip address

Note: First line Eclipse entry is to connect from any other machine in my network to Ubuntu/Sap. is Windows host ip given by Adsl rooter. Therefore any machine which is connected to same rooter can access SAP with that simple port forwarding.

Last entry EclipseLcl is for connection from same host, local connection, to Ubuntu/Sap.


Step 3 - Connecting to NPL from Eclipse.

After clicking Finish, İf you see that error, that means Step 2, port forwarding is not working. That might be because of wrong ip address or UFW is not disabled on Ubuntu.


Otherwise you should see following screen.

That is all. Now you can start working on SAP dev edition with eclipse.


If you will be doing RAP development, you will need to access SAP web server and that will require you to add SAP Ubuntu's ip and computer name to windows C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file file or you need to change dns name to ip of And don't forget to do required port forwardings.


Let's see that with an example.

if you try to open Plain Abap examples from SAP GUI,

Tries to open,


But vhcalnplci.dummy.nodomain means nothing to Windows, it does not know how to solve that name to ip address. Therefore we get an DNS error.

After adding that exact name and ip to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts vhcalnplci.dummy.nodomain vhcalnplci

Try again, and that time we get port forwarding error. This time we don't get DNS error.


To solve that we need to do port forwarding on Virtualbox. Please check step2 as reference to add 50000 port.

Try to open url again and it will work just fine.



I hope that becomes a good reference for you. In same way, you can solve DNS name and port forwarding issues.

Thanks for reading.


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