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I received several questions after Design Studio 1.6 was released when I would update my eBook on SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, so instead of answering questions individually I thought I post it here.

The updated version of the book will become available in February 2016 and the book will cover release 1.6 with all the new components as well as the new features with the platform.

The focus when it comes to the deployment platform will clearly be the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform based on the strategic direction of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.

I am not planning to create this as an actual physical book but instead I will keep this as a Kindle book only for several reasons:

  • Using Kindle as platform allows me to keep the price down and I think 10 USD is a more than fair price
  • Using Kindle also allows me to integrate videos, which obviously helps a lot with the exercises

... and yes I am planning to integrate videos into the new version.

So I hope people are looking forward to it and I will keep the blog short and write more on actual book :smile:

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