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Why this blog?

I initially created part I of this blog just to share the easiness of the Mendelson AS2 software.
Now, it seems to be that some people struggled with the setup of sender and receiver AS2 adapters, in conjunction with the Mendelson software.

In this blog I will try to highlight configuration details for both the sender and receiver adapter as well as for the Mendelson software. 

In case you feel parts are missing, please give me a sign and I will add it to this blog.


Mendelson AS2

After the installation of Mendelson, I deleted the keystore content and filled it again with keys and certificates having proper names. Also, the SAP NetWeaver Administrator keystore was filled with the proper keys and certificates.

Next step is creating partners: one for regular use and one for encrypted message exchange.

Please note that there should be one partner serving as a local station, meaning the sender of AS2 messages.

Sender AS2 adapter

The most important parameters are:

I also used the adapter module localejbs/EdifactConverterModule because an incoming EDI file must be converted into XML.

Therefore you need to have the new B2B add-on for SAP PI/PO properly installed.

Receiver AS2 adapter

In this particular case, messages will be send to Mendelson. Therefore, some parameters could have unexpected values. Please note that for other receivers, this can be completely different.

The most important parameters are:

You can monitor messages being send to Mendelson using URL . Username and password is guest.

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