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Web Intelligence is called the "interactive tool" of the BI Platform, so let us be interactive.

Using input controls helps us a lot achieving our target.  You can use them to filter your report data, but also to change the layout or change keyfigures/measures in the report.  In the folowing steps we will change the layout of our report.

This is our report: that we would like to have interactive.  Initially we show the graphs of our data, but we want to show the table as well.

Step 1 - create a new variable, "View": add the text: "Table Purchase Orders".

Step 2 - Create a new inut control based on the new variable, "View".

Step 3 - Customize your list of values of your input control.

Step 4 - "Hide when ..." your table/graphs, using a formula like ...

     - here you can go wild and change a lot, for instance my title and background cell's will change as wel.

Step 5 - enjoy the view

The "all values" will be my initial screen, the "table purchase orders", will trigger my table in the report.

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