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Hello all,

I am going to discuss about dynamic visibility in Dashboard, may be it would be familier to Professionals but for Beginners this is the important thing to learn as this will be useful to design most complex Real time dashboards.

Here I have taken a scnario in which Sales amount should vary according to:-


                                          1.Bank Name  (Sales Amount Vs Bank Name)  

                                          2.Business Type (Sales Amount Vs Business Type)

                                          3.Country  (Sales Amount Vs CountryName)


The sample screen shots will give you clear Idea about the Requirement.         

Bank Name  (Sales Amount Vs Bank Name)


Business Type (Sales Amount Vs Business Type)

Country  (Sales Amount Vs CountryName)

Do you think the above three dashboards are done in a single Piechart ?

No, these three are done in 3 different Pichart components by making use of Dynamic Visibility concept in Dashboards.

Let me brief about Dynamic Visibilty concept, When you have a lot of information to display in your dashboard and a limited amount of space, the dynamic visibility feature enables you to make components visible or hidden based on user selection.

Below is our sample Excel file with three spread sheets:-

Drag 3 Different Piecharts in to the Canvas and map their Sales amount Respectively, Now here comes the use of dynamic visibility as you can see the three Piecharts in one screen will look nasty and confusing to make a decision.

Drag the radio button from the category selectors in Components Tab.


Map the suitable titles and labels for the Radio button and Select the insertion type as "Status List" and map Destnation some where in the spread sheet as shown below:-

Select Every piechart and go to their behaviours Tab and map the status list source of respective labels.(Bank name piechart mapped to cell 'G2', Business type piechart mapped to cell 'G3',Country piechart mapped to cell 'G4').

Now give the Key of status list as "1" for every piechart.

As we have given the radio button a Status List, what happens is, when any selection is made, the destination is changed to "1" from "0" which is default. (For Example, if the Bank Name is selceted then cell "G2" will become "1" from "0" ) and respective pie chart will be displayed.

Now, even if you overlap all the piecharts one on the other, based on selection of radio buttion the respective piechart will be visible and remaining piecharts will be hidden because of dynamic visibility.


For mapping the data in Components from speadsheet:-

For understanding dynamic visibility:-

Thanks & Regards,


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