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SAP BO 4.0 has an important feature of dynamic recipient, through this we can publish reports to non BO users. We can directly send published reports to many users mailbox.


Here is the scenario in where we can go for dynamic recipient.

(We have Net Sales data for all headquarters in a company and we would like to send selective data to user to which he is authorized to view.)



Steps to be followed for creating Dynamic Recipient.


1) Create webi or crystal report (e.g Sales report) which needs to be published to users and create another report which will contain user name, email id and authorization head quarter for email relay.


2) Create a new publication and select source document as your sales report and click on Dynamic Recipient option as shown in below screen shot.

Choose webi/crystal report created for email relay.


Recipient Identifier:Choose field on which basis email should be triggered.(If we choose Head Quarter a separate mail will be triggered for each headquarter for each user.


(For single mail for all headquarter which one user is authorized to see, we need to choose email id field in identifier and email id should be sorted)



2) Choose Personalization and complete Local profile settings as below.

Map Query designer field( headquarter from sales report) with webi document field(headquarter from email report). If you have 2 tabs map those field two times.



3) In destination choose the desired file format in which user should receive report output.



4) One final setting need to be done for all job servers. Mention domain name, host and port name( for mail relay server), user id in destination tab.



Hope this help you for report bursting to dynamic users. Happy Weekend... Enjoy...





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