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Business Requirement: - To have the dynamic filtering at the report level using Element Linking functionality.

Scenario :- To have a pie chart developed over the corporate data and then link each slab of the pie chart to the detail report, so that there is a hyperlink sort functionality developed allowing the detail record data to get dynamically filtered based on the Pie chart slab value selected by user.

We can achieve the dynamic filtering at the BO report level using Element Linking.

Action Items


1)  1) Select the Data set to be used as the source for the BO webi report

For e.g.

            We have a sample data covering the salary of the employees under different departments.

            Have the Dimension and Measure objects been created based on the source data.

2) Create a Webi report using the above mentioned report objects

3) Now to have the data been represented at the Graph Level (Pie Chart).Go to the Chart option at the Top Most Toolbar and select Type of chart required as per the Business requirement (Pie Chart).

4) Place the Pie chart control adjacent to the Detail Report Data (Block 1).Right click  on the Chart control and select the Assign Data Option then select the Pie sector size as Salary object (Measure object  for the aggregate data values) and Dep Name (Dimension object for the entity value) as Pie chart  sector color .

5)    Once we click on the apply button we will have the report output as below

6) Now for creating a dynamic filter by means of the element linking functionality , right click on the Pie chart and select the Linking option --àAdd Element , as shown in the below screen shot.

7) Once we select the Add Element link option we will have the Define Input Control window pop up

From the select filtering object s option select single object radio button option and from the document list select the Dep Name (Dimension Object) and click on the next button

The above option will allow you to set the Control Properties. Once we set the control properties click on the Next button

The above window will allow us to set the and assign report elements for linking and assigning them to the define input control where we require the dynamic filter to work.

From the above option we would be required to select the Vertical Table: Block 1 under the Page Body where we have the detail record set present.

Once done we will click on the finish button

😎 After setting the element link property , we would have the below report output in where if select the any one slab from the pie chart , let’s say Marketing we will have the Block 1 data been filtered with the filter condition Dep Name = Marketing

The above filter will work as dynamic at run time and will display data as per the Dep Name value selected from the Pie Chart Slab clicked by user

9) Finally to remove the filter, we will have to select the clear filter option present on the left side panel of the input control to have the report data without filter.

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