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Dynamic Date is a very useful control within SmartFilter. Dynamic Date is possible ONLY within a SmartFilter. But it is very tricky to get this control to work. I got it to work recently and wanted to share this quick 'How To'.

Step 1.

Ensure that you have a SmartFilter control

Step 2.

Within the SmartFilter ensure that you have set property 'useDateRangeType="true"'.

Step 3.

Ensure that oData property is of type Edm.DateTime.

Step 4.

Ensure that the date oData property has below annotation

sap:display-format="Date" sap:filter-restriction="interval"

For setting these annotations you can write the below code in MPC_EXT class, DEFINE method.

super->define( ).    
DATA(lo_txt_property) = model->get_entity_type( <EntityType Name> )->get_property( <Property Name> ).
"DynamicDate Control
DATA(lo_text_anno) = lo_txt_property->/iwbep/if_mgw_odata_annotatabl~create_annotation( 'sap' ).
lo_text_anno->add( iv_key = 'filter-restriction' iv_value = 'interval')
lo_text_anno->add( iv_key = 'display-format' iv_value = 'Date').

If you are using Fiori OVP

In the app's manifest/descriptor file
"sap.ovp": {//section for ovp-specific app descriptor settings
“useDateRangeType”: true, //Flag to enable or disable Dynamic Date. The default value is false.

“cards”: {
“card01”: {
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