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In this document we will discuss about dynamic configuration with Seeburger receiver SFTP adapter.

Scenario:- (Idoc_To_File)

The idoc data is to be transferred to SFTP server with desired file name.

The requirement was to create receiver file with following naming convention.

Eg: <date& time>_<idoc number>_<dataobjectName>.xml.

ESR Steps:-

  1. Create Data Type, Message Type & Service Interface for receiver service.
  2. Create mapping program.

  3. Write a UDF which will take 3 input values, date&time, idoc number & dataobject name.

     Import following classes into the mapping program


     Note:  In mapping program assign this function to the top level node of the receiver message type.

                 Here we have assigned this function to top node "OpenWorkOrder"

Integration Directory Steps:-

  1. Import business systems for sender & receiver system.
  2. Create communication channel under receive business system.
  • Select Seeburger SFTP adapter.
  • Provide connection details ie. Host, Port & Host Store.
  • Mark the check box for “Use Dynamic Attributes”.
  • Provide details about User & authentication.
  • Provide base directory.
  • Please write filename as  ' * '.

·   Under “Module” tab, add AttribMapper as a module.

·   Give any key name for the module. Eg. “Dynamic ”.

  • Adding Model Configuration details for module key as mentioned below.

          Parameter Name:-

          Parameter Value:- @

3. Create Receiver Agreement, Interface Determination, Receiver Determination as usual.


  1. Post the idoc.
  2. Go to SXMB_MONI & click on Response --> DynamicConfiguration.

          As you can see here that filename according to our requirement is created.


  3. Go to SFTP server & check for output file.


Rahul S. More

(Technical Lead)

iGATE Global Solutions Ltd.

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