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Hi all, I am posting a scenario for the beginners in dashboard. The blog explains: selection of an item in combobox and dynamically displaying the desired objects.

Our scenario is:- Plant, material and Quantity are given, we have to make a column chart which displays Quantity Vs. Material on selection of a particular plant.

There are couple of snapshots to make things clear:-

Our original data is:-

Now just insert the excel to the dashboard.

From the "Components" Tab select "combobox"  which is in category "Selectors"

A) Give a Suitable title to the combo box, here I am giving "Select Plant"

B) Now, we have to give the label items which are need to be selected, here we will select the plant and according to plan, Material Vs. Quantity chart will be displayed. Follow the snap for mapping the labels to the combobox.

C) Once the labels are mapped, we will select the "insertion type" as "Filtered Rows" (This will help showing the data which are in same plant but the material and quantity is different.)

D) Now, map the source data in the field:-

E) Now, map the destination for the combobox:-

F) Now, we will select a "Column Chart" from the "components" in category "charts"

G) Now in column chart give suitable titles and select "series" and then add a new series by pressing "+" sign, map the Quantity destination to this series as a source.

H) Now for labels to be displayed for materials in X-axis, map the material destination as shown:-

I) All work is done now, just preview it:-

Please ask if any doubt !



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