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Description: The purpose of the document is to choose agent dynamically who will determine the recipients of the next steps workitem . Lets say, we will include a step of display material in our workflow but before that, we will inculde a step which will allow to choose agent dynamically and that agent will be receiving the 'Display Material' step as a work item in dynamically choosen agent's SAP Inbox.

Step1: Go to SWDD and create a workflow. we would include a display material step but before that we will create another step.

Go to Wizard: Choose the agent assignment wizard.

Wizard will open.

Click on Continue and then choose a task in the workflow which will ask who will get the next step.

Now, enter the task for which you will determine the receipients at runtime.

Select the business object and method. Here we will be using BUS1001 and method is Display

Select the method display.

Now task has been selected. Click Continue.

Now put a title of selection dialog box.

Now press continue and complete the wizard.

See in the below design it includes two tasks one is selection  of agents for subsequent task and another one is display material task.

Now double click on select agent step and enter workflow initiator to decide who will gets the next display material step.

Now double click on the 'Display Material' step. Before that create a container element of an user say Agent_003.  Select that agent in the expression.

Now Activate it.

Step 2: Testing of Dynamic agent assignment.  Now test your workflow. Since workflow initiator is the agent of the first step after we press execute button we have to proive the agent name of the next step.

Now enter the material no to be displayed in the display material step.

Enter the material no.

Now execute it to enter the material.

Select material. Now the screen has pop-upped the first step of the workflow. So, this step will ask which agent will be receiving the workitem display material.

Now we will choose Manager is user who will receive the workitem. So, log into your system as manager to see

workitem in Manager's Inbox.

-----------------------------------------------------------End --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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