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When you implement My Inbox fiori app you can face one issue in which user is receiving duplicate work items in his My inbox fiori app.

If you check total workflow tasks in inbox from SBWP . Workflow is showing total 7 items.

Total 7 workitems


If you login to My inbox fiori app it is showing 14.

Total workitems

In this blog we will discuss the reason behind it and how to resolve it.



The main reason behind it is that  Odata service Taskprocessing  has been assigned 2 different system aliases.

Like follows:

System Alias



Simple solution to resolve this issue is that delete one unnecessary System Alias. This will resolve the issue.

System Alias


When you run the My Inbox Fiori app. it will show the correct number of workitems instead of showing duplicate workitems.


For more detail please visit

S/4 HANA Topic.

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