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While creating a Service Binding after adding an action in Behaviour Definition I got an error  : Duplicate action external_name:Action_Name,

I could not understand the meaning of this error as I had not declared the action before - the error was misleading. There were no errors in the back end error log or in the eclipse..

Create Service Binding


The actual reason this error occurs is in the Service Binding when we expose both the consumption and the interface views ( that was the reason in my scenario)


Service Definition


Once I removed the interface definition - I could create the service binding without errors

Service Binding created without errors


This blog post would be helpful to a lot of people who find this error misleading and have been trying to figure out what could have gone wrong. In the Service Definition we only need to add the consumption projection views.

Please add your comments or thoughts in the comments section below.

Have a great day!!

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