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Initial, the installation of the first version of Duet Enterprise was cumbersome and labour-intensive, and therefore also inherent error prone. With the Duet Enterprise 1.0 installation wizard at SAP side, the installation already was substantially improved. And this has progressed on to the installation of the new version, Duet Enterprise 2.0. However, as the landscape is inherent complex (minimal one, but typically more SAP backends, a SAP Gateway system, and SharePoint 2013 farm), you still may face issues.

In this blog I describe some of the issues that I encountered during Duet Enterprise 2.0 installations, and share my resolutions.

Issue 1: ‘Add-on IW_DUETE Release 100 can only be installed in client 000’

Import of the Duet Enterprise 2.0 SAP Add-On via transaction SAINT gives the following error:

Resolution: Use client 000 to import the add-on via transaction SAINT.

Issue 2: ‘The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure’.

This error can occur in multiple SharePoint-SAP scenarios: runtime invocation of Duet Enterprise service from SharePoint 2013 side, import of a Duet Enterprise 2.0 BDC Model: Application definition import failed. The following error occurred: The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.

Resolution: Typical the above error message is caused by mismatch of the SSL certificate used on SAP Gateway side to encrypt the traffic, versus the SAP SSL certificate that has been imported in SharePoint 2013 ‘Manage trust’.

To repair, import the SSL certificate again. You can either ask again the SAP BASIS administrator to export from SAP Gateway STRUST. But a more convenient, and in my experiences also one with better results (was already so for Duet Enterprise 1.0) is to open on SharePoint web frontend the SAP service url, and then from SSL certificate warning export the SAP SSL certificate to file; and next add this to ‘Manage trust’.

Issue 3: ‘The root certificate that was just selected is invalid’

Importing in SharePoint 2013 ‘Manage Trust’ the SSL certificate of SAP NetWeaver Gateway results in error:

Resolution: import the SSL certificate via Internet Explorer (11) instead of Firefox.

Issue 4: ‘No service found for namespace /IWWRK/, name DUET_WORKFLOW_CORE

Manifest itself upon configuration of Duet Enterprise 2.0 Workflow solution.

Resolution: Add and activate the Duet Enterprise 2.0 Gateway REST service in MAINT_SERVICE.

Issue 5: DuetConfig: ‘The operation name is missing or invalid’

For instance occurs with the DuetConfig command to configure workflow, command with multiple operation parameters:

DuetConfig.exe -importbdc -FeatureName Workflow -LsiUrl "https://tnvsrm.tnv.corp/sap/opu/odata/IWWRK/DUET_WORKFLOW_CORE;mo;c=SHAREPOINT_DE/" -BdcServiceApplication "Business Data Connectivity Service" -UserSubLsiUrl "https://tnvsrm.tnv.corp/sap/opu/odata/IWBEP/SUBSCRIPTIONMANAGEMENT; mo;v=2;c=SHAREPOINT_DE/"

Resolution: careful check the command line that the start character for each of the operation parameter names is indeed the minus (‘-‘) character. In case you copied the command line from the deployment guide, this may be ‘invisible’ the wrong character. To be sure, in the command line explicit (replace and) type the ‘-‘ character:

Issue 6: ‘Lobsystem (External System) returned authentication error'

For instance, occurs upon trying to import a Duet Enterprise 2.0 BDC Model into SharePoint 2013 Business Connectivity Services application:

Resolution 1: Check that the Duet Enterprise 2.0 generated ‘Duet Root Certificate Authority’ is added to SSL Server Standard in STRUST on the SAP Gateway system.

Resolution 2: Check the user mapping of the SharePoint account used to invoke the SAP Gateway service / import the Duet Enterprise 2.0 BDC Model. In particular check the extid that it contains the correct pattern (account name, comma + space, and then the domain name in small capitals)

Issue 7: Import of Duet Enterprise 1.0 BDC Model fails due missing ‘WSDL’ application definition.

Resolution: Add an “Duet Enterprise 1.0 WSDL” application definition in SharePoint 2013 Secure Store.

Issue 8: Invocation of Duet Enterprise 1.0 service fails due missing SSO

Browsing a SharePoint 2013 External List results in error ‘An unsecured or incorrectly secured fault was received from the other party’.

Inspect the SRT_UTIL ErrorLog:

Resolution: Besides the Duet Enterprise 2.0 SSO approach based on X.509 certificate, also enable Duet Enterprise 1.0 SAML2 approach.

Use the Duet Enterprise 1.0 Deployment Guide for information how to enable SAML2 in the Duet Enterprise 2.0 (Gateway 2.0 + SharePoint 2013) landscape.


Compared to the excellent troubleshooting guide for Duet Enterprise 1.0, the above list of issues plus resolutions is much smaller. The Duet Enterprise product team of SAP plus Microsoft has clearly improved their delivery on this aspect.

Others that have been deploying Duet Enterprise 2.0 may have encountered other issues as I did so far. Still a general classification of all issues seen so far is that they are caused by manual error, indirect caused by the sometimes unclear, fragmented and even incorrect Duet Enterprise deployment guides.

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