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We had upgraded our Solution manager 7.1 to 7.2 last December to ensure connectivity with the upgraded SAP Support Backbone, a critical part of the upgrade was the dual stack split(DSS). I searched on various forums to find a blog where someone might have performed a similar DSS on SAP ASE to get an understanding and a guided overview of the step but was unable to find so which led me to draft this blog. This blog is divided into separate steps and need to be performed once the SUM has completed the upgrade successfully.

Key suggestion: Read all the relevant SAP Notes and Guides before hand to understand the process and list of known issues and how to resolve them

  1. Preparations: Carry out the preparations as suggested in the DSS guides/notes (Link)

  2. Carry out the export of Solution Manager JAVA using SWPM using a non SIDADM and Administrator user (for all SWPM runs this user will be required)

  3. Install the JAVA system using SWPM using the above suggested user and a suitable SID. Please note this will require the export taken in step 2 and the SAP ASE media which can be found in SMP under below path on SMP link --> Databases tab --> SAP ADAPTIVE SERVER ENTERPRISE --> Database --> SAP ASE for Business Suite --> SAP ASE 16 or 15 as per your case --> Installation --> Select and Download the media according to your OS

  4. SAP ASE cannot be installed separately before the SAP NW systems like other databases and has to be installed using SWPM along with the SAP NW installation

  5. Provide the SAP ASE media downloaded previously in above screen

  6. Size the database according to your usage

  7. Enable Index compression, ATM for the database

  8. Select the further options as it is and proceed with the Installation with the default suggestions, For sizing and port parameters modify as per your case.

  9. The following screens will be self explanatory and should help in progressing the SAP NW JAVA Installation

  10. Optional: Upgrade Host Agent along with the Installation whenever prompted given you had downloaded the SAP HOST AGENT media and placed it in the path.

  11. Rest of the activities can be carried out as outlined and guided in SWPM and DSS guides

  12. Note to carry out the post installation and follow up activities outlined in the relevant SAP NW installation guide along with the DSS guide.

Hope this blog helps in getting some overview of the DSS process post Solution Manager Upgrade.
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