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Hi All,

Today i'm going to share with you all on how to get the DTP statistics for particular DTP in your sap bi system and how to represent it in excel chart.

In my case I've done a DTP trend analysis for one DTP which is running too long and this is related to inventory aging loads from daily process chain and it actually runs two times in days i.e. One DTP in two different process chains with different run timings.

First identify your DTP name for which you need to make trend analysis for last couple of months/days/years.

Go to your DTP statistics cube and give your DTP Technical name.

And in field selection output , select only the DTP,Run time ( in second ), Calendar Day, Process chain ID and take the out put to excel like below.

Then select all the and go for insert pivot table in excel like below,

Then in sheet two you will get the pivot table representation and make column label as process chains ( pc-1 and pc-2 ) and in row label as calendar day ( the each day ) and sum of run time.

Run time of process chains will be in seconds, But i need in HH:MM:SS format so you need to change. Excel formula is

After applying the time function the column labels ( PC-1 and PC-2 ) will be HH:MM:SS format. Where it make me easier to show case my view in chart.

Now select all go for insert chart,

But this is not the final one, you need make it more clear. For that right click select data.

Where you can change to your data to your x and y axis.

Final your DTP Trend for last few days,

Green color indicates the DTP which has ran in PC-2 taken the high run time on 12-06-2014 for 57 minutes and Red color indicates that the DTP  which has ran in PC-1 taken the high run time on 09-06-2014 for 50 minutes.

Like this you can take a trend for any processes like IP, DTP any jobs for last months/days/year.



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