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Hi All,


I got this scenario very interesting as during complex system upgrades we used to take snapshots of critical tables where we have added so many custom fields as part of various requirements. This is done as part of documentation process as Quality Analysts teams will review these snapshots of before and after upgrade table structures.

I decided to spend some time on this and tried some common methodologies existing.




I passed the input as the table name MARA and got the various fields available in MARA on alphabetical order. But no other informations are conveyed.

2.Usage of Table DD02T

This is a SAP Standard table for storing the table texts.

Passed the field as Mara and executed.

Result was like short description based on various language keys. As no other field details are covered I decided to go further.

3.Usage of view DD03VT

The database view shows all the table fields’ related information.Looks like too many information on the one screen.

4.Tried SE15.It was also directing me to the standard SE11 Screen.


Finally I got one solution in the SE11 itself. I have documented the steps as follows.

I have chosen MARA  as the table structure which I want in the downloaded format.

1. Type Mara in the Database table column in SE11 and click on display

2.Choose Table-->Print

3.Choose the required print settings option from the menu.

  1. SAPMAXINFO --> Provides maximum information related to field.
  2. SAPMEDINFO --> Provides medium information related to field.
  3. SAPMININFO  --> Provides minimum information related to field.

I am going with Medium information.

4. Once settings are chosen click on the print button.

5.Give your output device name and choose print preview.

6.A print preview will be generated

7.Click on Goto--> List Display

8.List will be converted into General Abap List

9.Go to system-->Lists-->Save-->Local File option.

10.Choose Spreadsheet and press enter

11.Choose the desired location on your desktop and click on generate button

12.It will generate an excel file containing all the structure of the fields.

Hope it helps... :smile:



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