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Dear all,

In this blog I'll explain how to install and set up the configuration of PO (Process Orchestration) 7.4, so it'll be ready to use in SAP NetWeaver after reading this blog.

First of all PO 7.4 is a new version of PI (Process Integration) 7.31. In the new version it is not only possible to made changes in the Internet Explorer workaround but also in the SAP NetWeaver Development Studio (NWDS).

Before you start make sure you have JDK 1.6.

Follow the next steps and you'll be able to work with the SAP NetWeaver for PO 7.4:


  • When the Sap Netweaver Developer Studio is open, go to Window / Preferences. Now you'll add the system which you want to connect with.
  • In the Preferences screen open Development Infrastructure and go to System Landscape Directory:

        Enter after URL a SLD link and click on Ping to test the connection.

  • Go the Web Services / Enterprise Service Browser, and fill in the connection settings:


  • Click on Apply and close the Preferences by clicking on OK.

After these steps you can start with the PO developments.

Kind regards,

Pieter Lemaire

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