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Hi experts,

I have started my journey with SAP Open Connectors, and let me tell you that this is turning out to be more interesting than I expected.

As you can see this is what any SAP Integration Suite landscape looks like today without SAP Open Connectors:

This lead to the following problems:

  • Redundant connections

  • Authentication management within IFlows per connection ( get tokens, clean headers, add headers, endpoints, credentials, etc ... )

  • Zero visibility of calls to external systems ( how many calls have been made to external systems? )

  • Zero visibility of the APIs used from external systems ( no documentation associated with them )

Imagine for a moment that there was a tool that would mitigate all these problems, where from a Swagger, WSDL, OData or Postman Collection specification of a system you could create a connector, and with a few configurations you could set the authentication mechanism, then be able to create instances of it and use them cross your SAP Integration Suite, doesn't that sound fantastic?.

Don't imagine it anymore, that tool is called "SAP Open Connectors" and it's in front of you:

Introducing the SAP Open Connectors tool in your SAP Integration Suite your landscape will look like in the following way:


Using SAP Open Connectors is a quick win in your SAP Integration Suite landscape from any point of view.

Personal comments

For some reason SAP uses the prefix "non-SAP" systems whenever it talks about SAP Open Connectors, but from my point of view that is not correct, there is no valid reason to not use it with SAP systems.


Note: This post is oriented to large SAP Integration Suite landscapes, hundreds of IFlows and connections, and of course all this it also apply to SAP API Management 🙂


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