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The aim of this document is to perform the following set of activities for the domain name to be changed from one domain to another domain which has been used during the time of installation in Windows environment.

1. Ensure that Services on Windows box are stopped

All the services related to Windows need to be stopped before that SAP system needs to be brought down for performing the changes.

2. Default Profile to be changed

The parameter SAPFQDN needs to be changed from old domain name to new domain name and a restart of the SAP system needs to be performed prior to the change to the profile.

Old Profile:

New Profile:

3. Host file entries

If the application servers are installed on Windows boxes, the host file entries need to be changed to from old domain name to new domain name.

For example, the old domain name is and the new domain name is The host file entries look like below:

10.x.x.x -- existing entry

10.x.x.x -- replace the existing entry

4. Change to Registry setting on Windows

The entry BackConnectionHostnames need to be added to the registry. The value is a multi string value which will have the new domain name details with the computer name and this needs to be added at the location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\MSV1_0.

5. Reboot of Windows box

After all the required changes are performed on the Windows box a reboot of the complete box needs to be performed so that the changes take affect. Ensure that the services and SAP system are running successfully after the reboot.

6. Check the SAP Gateway Service

The SAP gateway service needs to be verified in transaction SMGW and ensure that the other systems are able to connect to the system.

7. TCP/IP Connections Check

All the RFC connections of type TCP/IP need to be verified to ensure that the gateway details defined in the RFC destination points to the changed domain name rather than the existing domain name.

8. System Landscape Configuration

The SLD Configuration in transactions SLDAPICUST and RZ70. They need to be changed accordingly so that the new domain name changed system talks to the Central SLD system.

9. Adobe Document Configuration

The RFC destination ADS of type 'G' needs to be changed accordingly and the program FP_TEST_00 needs to be executed in transaction SE38 to ensure the adobe document generation.

10. Database Connectivity

With the newer versions of SAP, there is a possibility of application server installed on Windows to communicate with database in a different Operating system which is on a different domain name due to the Secure Storage in File system (SSFS) concept.

All the above tests confirm that the domain name change has been successful.

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