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Hi Folks,

Today, I was hearing to the podcast - JavaScript Jabber on the State of JavaScript 2019 survey and its results.

In this blog post, I would like to share my personal views as UI5 developer on this survey and its relevance or non-relevance of it for UI5 community.

Some Introduction to JS Survey:

State of JS Survey is conducted every year starting from 2016 and it is curated and maintained by:

The link to the 2019 survey is :

Some Highlights:

  1. React leads the chart among developer community as most used and also loved JS Framework. ( Expected, especially with all the positive news around it from various blog posts)

  2. GraphQl leads the chart as most loved yet most unused data retrieval technology( Probably, that is true love 🙂 . To not know and yet fall in love with it )

  3. Redux is way ahead of MobX in terms of have used but MobX suffers from people not using it.

  4. Typescript is leading the race in JS flavors

  5. rest, I dont know understand 😞

Now as SAPUI5 developer, Its a bit sad to not even have the technology mentioned in the survey. But, that makes me wonder, the relevance of these surveys.

Surveys depict the mood of the participants. As the participants in this survey are developers, its relevant for people to be up to date with latest trends. But most of the technologies are well supported and will stay on without getting obsolete. Especially, SAP UI5 should stay on for few more years as per the latest Road map of SAP.

Our development choices are influenced by trends but actual decisions have many factors. When we need to choose a technology, we need to the existing ecosystem, support from vendor, team structure and also the local availability of the developers on that technology.

If purely based on survey, I start a project on react and find it hard to have a team of React developers or blend of the ecosystem of developments, what purpose would it serve?

Emotions are good like deserts but practicality is a bitter pill which we need to take for good health.

However, the positive aspect of survey is it opens our eyes to the community as a whole and the direction of certain technologies.

Trends help us to make our choices to learn a new technology but as consultants our primary responsibility should be ensure the benefits and profitability of our customers. We need to (try and) be unbiased when we offer our solutions and just be swayed by trends. The usage of experience can be the real value-add in these situations.

Finally, it was a learning opportunity. But, I feel it should be used as a learning opportunity and not make decisions purely based on it.

I would love to hear your views on it.

Thank you.


(The views expressed in this blog are personal)

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