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Ladies and gentlemen,

Here we go again! I’ve been out and about and have on the back of my previous video series from SAPinsider earlier in the year, shot a new series of four interviews from the UKISUG 2013 conference.

Red had the pleasure of being one of the gold sponsors at this year’s SAP UKISUG conference in Birmingham last week running from the 24th-26th November. For the viewers who might not be aware of UKISUG, it’s the official UK & Ireland SAP User Group and is an independent ‘not for profit’ organisation that empower the needs of SAP users by directly influencing SAP UK and sharing a wealth of knowledge amongst its members. You will find SAP user groups in numerous regions with some of the more well-known being ASUG and DSAG, you can find a full list of groups here to get a better understanding of the initiative. This year it was UKISUG's 25th anniversary, so a congratulations is in order!

I had the opportunity to get out the old camera and mike to capture some top minds in the SAP space and their thoughts on video reel. This time around I had the pleasure of speaking with five gentlemen covering roughly the following topics,

  1. Enterprise Architecture and DemoJam/InnoJam (matthew.riches & dj.adams)
  2. Analytics & Big Data (timo.elliott)
  3. Design Thinking and SME solutions e.g. SAP Business ByDesign and Business One (tim.guest)
  4. Social Media & Big Data (matthew.riches & tim.fisher)

Each interview aim to present the viewer with an updated and rounded picture of what the topics means in our current market and how it could apply to you as an individual, it’s equally relevant for people with a simple curiosity in SAP technology and actual SAP users.

Up first we got DJ Adams and my colleague Matthew Riches on the spot speaking enterprise architecture and DemoJam. Before we kick it off, just wanted to point out DJ was this year’s DemoJam winner at UKISUG (won the same morning we shot this vid) and Matthew won the DemoJam and InnoJam at TechEd earlier in the year. Now enjoy,

I’ve attempted to break up the video in a rough timeline below. The words in […] are additional topics we touch on outside of the original question.

  • 00:25 Introductions
  • 01:40 Let us talk about architecture! What is Enterprise Architecture? [Varies types of architecture, how do they fit in with each other]
  • 04:18 What is a technical architect in this architecture hierarchy? [diving in deeper, DevOps]
  • 06:15 Looking at terminology, how come the concept of enterprise architecture is being used more and more now than it was 5 years ago? [trends, TOGAF certification, UI]
  • 10:59 Is an UI architect/designer now a profession in itself? [Business Process design, workflow, technology selection & overflow, the expansion of technology over the last few years]
  • 17:49 Moving into the latter part of the conversation, let’s talk DemoJam. What is a DemoJam? [Design Thinking]
  • 20:10 You would recommend anyone to try DemoJam out? [how to win DemoJam]

DJ it was excellent meeting you and hope we got the chance to speak again soon, once more unto the breach dear friend once more! If you guys got any questions, fire away. I’m sure both DJ and Matthew will keep an eye on this blog to answer anything as well as myself.

The full video series if you missed out on our other interviews:

Timo Elliott - Analytics - UKISUG 2013 video series part 2 of 4

Tim Guest - SAP SME offering and Design Thinking - UKISUG 2013 video series part 3 of 4

Tim Fisher & Matthew Riches - Social Media - UKISUG 2013 video series part 4 of 4

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