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Some of the fundamental features of maps include locating points and plotting regions. This blog focuses on calculating the distance between two different points on a Geo Map, thus leveraging the use of maps. Finding distance between two points on a map could add a lot of value to business especially when it comes to tasks like sales territory optimization. Now, let us take an example showing sales offices for various zip codes in the state of Texas.To create points that represent data on the map, the latitude and longitude values have to be measures and the point to be plotted is kept as dimension. Below is the sample of the data set that I have used to create this application. In this data set, I have the zip codes of Texas State in USA and its corresponding latitude, longitude coordinates.

In the additional properties tab, enter a name for the layer and choose the following appropriately.
1. Type – Marker
2. Data Source
3. Latitude
4. Longitude
5. Color for Marker

By using the mathematical functions in SAP Design studio, the distance is calculated between the two locations. In our example, the distance is calculated between sales offices in two zip codes.
The map below shows the sales offices plotted in various zip codes. When we click on a particular sales office in a zip code, it gets displayed as shown below.

Now, select the end point i.e. the second sales office. When selected, the distance between these two sales offices are shown.

Please note that this calculated distance is the diagonal distance between two sales offices and not the distance on road. This type of analysis can also be used for goods distribution from a warehouse or between warehouses.

For more information, reach out to Visual BI 

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