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With my Lego Mindstorms sensor data in the HCP Internet of Things Services as described in my previous blog Connect a Lego Mindstorms NXT to the HCP Internet of Things Services via a Raspberry Pi over Bluetoo..., I wanted to visualise this data on a Fiori Overview Page. Luckily, the HCP Internet of Things Services provide OData services for any device you register out of the box, so this was not so different from creating my first Fiori Overview Page as described in my previous blog How to make your OData entities work with the Fiori Overview Page and Cards leveraging the new SAP W.... Therefore, I will focus on describing the differences to the above in this blog.

To start with, I had to create a Destination to my HCP Internet of Things Services, very similar to using the web service as described before:

Then, I create a Fiori Overview Page project in the Web IDE as before and specify my HCP Internet of Things Services destination and URL as the Data Connection. As a result, I can select my Application Data table:

The remaining steps are as before and next I have to edit my annotation file. I choose the G_DEVICE, G_CREATED and most importantly my Mindstorms UltrasonicSensor C_DISTANCE data fields:

Next, I add a Table Card to the Fiori Overview Page with data from my Application Data Table:

With that I got my Lego Mindstorms NXT sensor data displayed in a Fiori Overview Page:

Deploying this Fiori Overview Page to my HCP Portal is only a few more click away. First I deploy it to the HCP itself:

For this I have to specify my HCP account and can assign an Application Name and Version:

With this, I can register it to my Fiori Launchpad in the HCP Portal:

For this I provide a Description:

And Tile Configuration information:

As well as Assignment to a Fiori Catalog and Group:

All done, and I see my HCP IoT Fiori Overview Page in my HCP Portal Fiori Launchpad:

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