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Hi  All,

In this post I would like to explain about Login to BSP application without any authentication.


If any one of user tries to access the BSP application in browser through SAP logon pad and it will ask for Login credentials . i.e Username and Password even though we have already logged in SAP logon pad which is a burden at times.

There are so many users facing this Issue.

So I am trying to tell you something which can fix above issue.

Go to T-code SE80.

Enter the BSP application name already you have created as like below.


If you try to test the application in browser and it will ask for Login credentials as below.


cl_http_ext_webapp=>create_url_for_bsp_application fetches the URL of the BSP using BSP name.

And then we call the URL we got from the method and BSP gets opened in the respective browser without prompting for any authentication.

Code :

***Data Declarations

DATA : web_url TYPE string,

l_appl TYPE string,

l_page TYPE string,

params TYPE ihttpnvp,

lt_params TYPE tihttpnvp.


**Passing the parameters

l_appl = 'ZVERSION_TEST'.        " BSP Application name

l_page = 'index.html'.                   "  page type

params-name = ''.                        "  Default Name

params-value = ''.                         "  Default Value

**Appending to internl table

APPEND params TO lt_params.

**Call method for create BSP application URL

CALL METHOD cl_http_ext_webapp=>create_url_for_bsp_application


bsp_application = l_appl

bsp_start_page = l_page

bsp_start_parameters = lt_params


abs_url = web_url.

**Call method for call URL through web browser

CALL METHOD cl_nwbc=>url_launch


url = web_url.


After Execution of the code BSP directly opens without asking user details.


So I Hope it will be helpful to you.



Sreeram G.
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