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I faced an issue with BW Portal display of a Report, wherein All the values related to a characteristic were not appearing in the selection screen’s drop down box however the values were fine when accessing the report with Bex Analyzer and/or Webi.

Less values than actual were displayed in the drop down box.


This issue was resolved by changing certain Info object level settings of multi provider.

By setting the 'Query Execution Filter Val. Selection' property in query designer, we can control the value list,there are options as below:

  1. 'Only posted value for navigation', only the data posted to info provider (upon which the query is created) is listed.

  2. 'Values in master data table', all the data in the master data table is listed.

But for queries based on cube or multi-cube, when we select 'values in master data table' in query definition, still only the posted value is displayed so to overcome this issue we set “'Query Execution Filter Val. Selection ” in Multi provider which will overwrite the query setting in this case and show all the values of master data.


Right Click on Multi provider-> go to change-> Right click on the characteristic (with which the issue is occurring)->Click on provider specific properties of the info object-> set Query Exec.FilterVal from blank to “M Values in Master Data Table”.



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