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Recently we migrated our development system to EHP 8.0. Post migration we found, SAP has removed option to display Adobe form in webdynpro.

On further checking we found that SAP has removed element “SAP Interactive form” from the available element list.

Before Upgrade:

Post Upgrade:


Root Cause:

SAP note: 2692483 explains the reason behind this.

  • Due to several reasons (mainly security driven) browser vendors stop to support plugins based on NPAPI interface technology. As a result many plugin vendors announced to stop the support completely.

  • Adobe plans to stop the support of Flash.


Also further details can be found in SAP Note: 2438690.

  • By late 2015, many browser vendors have either removed or announced timelines for the removal of standards based plugin support, eliminating the ability to embed Flash, Silverlight, Java and other plugin based technologies.

  • With modern browser vendors working to restrict and reduce plugin support in their products, developers of applications that rely on the Java browser plugin need to consider alternative options such as migrating from Java Applets.

Guidelines for new developments as suggested by SAP:

In Note: 2283330, SAP informs about the roadmap of java plugin. Also current guidelines of SAP are.

  • For the creation of new applications SAP clear guidance is to use SAPUI5 technology which allows a plug-in free application development starting from NW 7.40.

  • For existing applications and UI technologies SAP is working on individual mitigation plans. However, a substantial effort is expected for each application, because it is not feasible to replace Java applets in a completely compatible way. The appropriate solution (move to another technology, switch to a replacement of the applets, etc.) needs to be evaluated per application.

  • Update to an application version based on NetWeaver version 7.40 and/or higher might be required.

SAP’s approach for some developments:

  • Replace ACF File Upload/Download with SAP UI5 file upload/download control which can be integrated with Webdynpro – Refer to note 2438690 for more details.

  • Instead of showing document directly, give option to download document. (SAP has implemented this solution in note: 2804659).

Simple solution which can be implemented:

Existing: With INTERACTIVE_FORM component.

When "INTERACTIVE_FORM" element is absent then we can add the following code in event which calls view to display Adobe form.
i_filename = 'SAP_ADOBE_FORM.pdf'
i_content = formoutput-pdf
i_mime_type = 'application/pdf'
i_in_new_window = 'X'
i_inplace = 'X'

This will open the PDF in new window of browser.

Let me know your views n comments below
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