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Source: SAP


The webcast covered introducing new navigation to enhance productivity

Figure 2 Source SAP

Features not shipped yet

Transition and adopt new navigation


Overview of Changes - 3 main improvements

Figure 3 Source SAP

New side navigation

More accessible

One click access to apps

Easily see which apps you have access to

Collapse/expand side bar

Figure 4 Source SAP


All will share a consistent start page, browse files from same place


Breadcrumb navigation

Navigate with a single click

Figure 5 Source: SAP

App based suggestions

Shortcuts for common navigations

Work in model, next logical step is to create a story - app based suggestions will do that

Figure 6 Source SAP

A side benefit is a common platform

If have SAP Analytics Cloud /Data Warehouse Cloud benefit from streamlined product navigation

Product switcher will let you switch between products


Side Navigation

Figure 7 Source SAP

Left shows side navigation today - create a new file or browse?  Creation vs. browsing

Most users are thinking of certain app

New side navigation - fine all apps in first level, then create/browse in same place

Figure 8 Source SAP

Steven as BI viewer will have less items in the side navigation than Ella who is the data modeler


If run out of space, have an overflow menu (….)

Figure 9 Source: SAP

Left - expand and collapse side navigation

Default shows icons to give you as much screen as possible

For new users, may want to expand side navigation to see the entries

When open story, you want as much space as possible; system will hide side navigation and show top shell bar

In full screen mode the shell bar goes away as well

Figure 10 Source SAP

Switch between apps

Right click, open in separate browser tab


Unified Shell Bar

Figure 11 Source SAP

Dark blue bar at top of screen

2 parts of shell bar

On left, will get breadcrumb navigation

On right, global product specific settings

Figure 12 Source SAP

Introducing a back button that lets you go back to previous screen you were working on

Then see tool name (Modeler)

Then file name (BestRunJuice..)

Figure 13 Source SAP

Shows file name and folder tab, and have option to go the repository at any point in time.

Figure 14 Source SAP

Next to file name, see file actions

Figure 15 Source SAP

Changed Home settings under profile

Figure 16 Source SAP

Listing other products listed in product switcher

App Enhancements

Figure 17 Source SAP

Central start pages for browse and create

At top, see short header and link to help center

Header intended for new users and know when to use which app

Then see the creation section - from scratch or templates

Bottom will show recent files

Figure 18 Source SAP

When working with the file, have modeler open, then see next suggested steps - create a story based on that model and will link model in newly opened story

Figure 19 Source SAP

Introducing bread crumbs for faster access to files (left of screen)

Figure 20 Source SAP

Enhancements to file repository

Persist when you drop off

Figure 21 Source SAP

User friendly URLs

Figure above shows the new structure



When this roll out will be available?

In the second half of the year.

Hello! For those who asked about receiving the slide deck

Please refer to the Handbook! It contains the same content as the presentation.




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