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This was an ASUG webcast last week

Join us for these upcoming webcasts:

September 10 BI: SAP Analytics Cloud for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise customers - Roadmap Update

September 11 - BI: SAP BW/4HANA Conversion

October 9 Making the Right Connections with SAP Analytics Cloud

Join ASUG at SAP TechEd for these influence sessions:

AIN307 Interactive ASUG Influence: SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

AIN305 SAP Analytics Cloud ASUG Influence Data Connectivity Agile Data Prep
AIN306 Interactive Influence: SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform

Fig 1: Source: SAP

What to expect; see live demo

Fig 2: Source: SAP

Project is is in the middle

Things might change

Everything is subject to change:

"SAP’s strategy and possible future developments, products and or platforms directions and functionality are all subject to change and may be changed by SAP at any time for any reason without notice." (source: SAP)

Fig 3: Source: SAP

SAP's message is above.

Continue to invest in BusinessObjects products

This is not a cloud only strategy, but a cloud first strategy

Source: SAP

Several customers use both SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BI Platform solutions

Fig 4: Source: SAP

Why use both solution? Move work loads to the cloud but on premise remains.

Several customers use both SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BI Platform solutions

Learn more at September 10 BI: SAP Analytics Cloud for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise customers - Roadmap Update webcast

Fig 5: Source: SAP

3 innovation areas

Customers are moving applications and workloads to the cloud for cost-driven, or innovation-based reasons, but still a lot of systems remains on-premises.

On-premises BI spending will still be predominant for several years to come; protect investment

Fig 6: Source: SAP

Focusing on High Speed Innovation in Cloud

Continue to make improvements on premise

We realize customers will use both

Protect investment for existing on-premise customers

Hybrid Gives Best of Both – innovation in Cloud + Investment Protection

SAP Unique Differentiation: Don’t Move/Replicate Data – Bring Analytics to your Data!

Fig 7: Source: SAP

How the product are positioned

SAP BusinessObjects BI4.3

Fig 8: Source: SAP

Dates to keep in mind

BI4.3 beta will begin shortly

Early beta will begin mid-October

Standard beta will start mid-December - open to all if interested

Another phase of beta in 2020

GA planned for mid 2020

After GA deliver SP's

Fig 9: Source: SAP

Focus on 3 main areas

Hybrid - interoperability

User Experience - easy to use with a Fiori like experience

Enterprise Readiness - ease of deployment


Fig 10: Source: SAP

Hybrid - Live Universe Connector 2.1 is available now - consume from SAC the on-premise relational universes

BI4.3 will have 3.0 with more innovations and enhancements

- leverage data level security

- query panel

Data remains on premise; never leaves network

Fig 11: Source: SAP

With Live Universe 3.0 you can consume the Web Intelligence documents in SAC

Data in Web Intelligence document stays on premise

"Web Intelligence data model"

Fig 12: Source: SAP

Customers who have adopted SAC can leverage existing users in CMC

New functions - hybrid user management - provision on premise users in SAC

You don't want to recreate users from scratch

Fig 13: Source: SAP

Analytics Hub is a cloud catalog

View access, consume documents

Today you have to manually create these in Analytics Hub

With BI4.3, from BI platform, can select documents and push one button, would be made available in Analytics Hub

User Experience

Fig 14: Source: SAP

New user experience is shown above

New BI Fiori Launchpad

BI4.2 SP4 - introduced, enhanced in subsequent SP's

In BI4.3, finalize enhancement - one BI launchpad - Fiori

Compatible with content in BI4.2

Fig 15: Source: SAP

Why a new WebI client?

Received feedback

Will be HTML5, no Java required, touch ready (work on modern tablets)

Improve workflows - one light menu

Fig 16: Source: SAP

Watch the demo in the replay

Fig 17: Source: SAP

Watch the demo in the replay

Fig 18: Source: SAP

Make sure your model can be reused

"WebI data model" - reuse what business user created

Fig 19: Source: SAP

You can create a query as a web service

Fig 20: Source: SAP

Select WebI document as a source, in the list of available objects

Fig 21: Source: SAP

Interactive analysis mode - propose interface, control scope of design interface

Fig 22: Source: SAP

New charts

Chart in cells will not be part of beta

Fig 23: Source: SAP

Update of SAP BI mobile app

Every WebI document will be consumable everywhere

Enable WebI viewer inside BI mobile app

First will work for tablet, then smart phone

Fig 24: Source: SAP

Updates for Crystal Reports are shown above

Enterprise Readiness

Fig 25: Source: SAP

Innovations in installation, security, administrator, audit, scheduling, publishing are shown above

Fig 26: Source: SAP


BusinessObjects Explorer

Dashboards (aka Xcelsius)

BI Widgets

Lumira 1.x

Design Studio


Lumira Discovery 2.x

Lumra Designer 2.x

Webi Rich Client


Live Office

Analysis Office

Crystal Reports

Fig 27: Source: SAP

Hybrid with Live Universe Connector, end user provisioning from on-premise to SAC, improvement integration with Analytics Hub

New user experience with Fiori BI Launchpad, new HTML5 WebI client, new WebI Data Model


Open questions have been sent to the speaker

Comment: We expect minimum issues while moving to 4.3

Answer: This is why SAP has a beta program to test these issues

Q:Live Universe Connector 3.0 enhancements are for both UNX and UNV?

Only relational universes? What about universes on OLAP connections?

A: Please see Analytics Cloud Support Matrix#SAPAnalyticsCloudSupportMatrix-UniverseSupportMatrix

Learn more at September 10 BI: SAP Analytics Cloud for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise customers - Roadmap Update webcast

Q: Will there be an Activity universe for BI 4.3?

A: predefined universe for BI4.3 - will be there

Q: Will the old Bi launch Pad be available? or all functionalities are convered on the new BI Launch Pad?

A: old launchpad not available

Link to replay: Discover SAP BusinessObjects BI4.3


  • Intro: 2:30

  • SAP BI Portfolio: 3:30

  • SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3: 7:00

  • Demo: 20:00

  • Q+A: 55:00

Link to slides is here
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