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Disable users in bulk: SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 Support Pack 2.

We recently had requirement in our project to disable thousands of BOBJ users (AD + Enterprise). The requirement was temporary, and the users need to be enabled once license negotiation was done.

SAP answers website had some insights on this requirement:

The following test is based on insights from above link. It can successfully disable users in bulk and can re-enable them when required. Test was performed on non-production server taking 2 users accounts (AD, Enterprise).


Following are the steps to disable users in bulk:


Step 1: CMC -> Create a new User-Group. Group Name: ‘Disable'



Step 2: Create a text file for the user import process. The format is: add,<group name>,<user name>



The users listed in above txt file can login currently:



Step 3: Go to CMC -> Users and Groups -> Manage -> Import -> User/Group/DBCredential.



Step 4: Verify and import the text file you created above



On clicking Verify, you’ll receive following screen and Import button will be enabled.



Click Import and you’ll receive following screen:



Step 5 : Check the Group where users listed in txt file are imported:




Step 6: Right click on the Group -> Account Manager :




Step 7: Check ‘Enable/Disable User Aliases’, check both ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Third Party’, but do not check ‘Enabled’. Save and Close. This step will disable all users in the group.

This step can be used to re-enable by checking “Enabled”



Following is the result of login with the AD user account:



Enterprise login:



Check the user properties, you’ll find the user is disabled:



Mission accomplished !  Hope this helps.

Given a situation to disable users in bulk; this method seem like the best way to add users in a group and disable them. Adding Users in a new Group is the best part because the group can be dropped or can be used to re-enable the users in future.

This method fits our project requirement of disabling thousands of users and re-enabling them. The license negotiation was done just on time and we did not had to apply this on production.

The solution not only just disables the users but also gives an option to re-enable users in future.


Please drop your valuable feedback and suggestions which can helps improve the post.

Questions are most Welcome.
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