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The SAPListOfDimensions function returns an array of dimension information, but depending upon the parameters you use, the order of the dimensions isn't always the same or indicative of the actual order that the dimensions are displayed in.

The SAPListOfDimensions function takes up to 3 Parameters: DataSource, SearchIn, and Search.

If you want to know the dimensions, for example, that are on Rows, and those that are on Columns, you can call:

'Method 1

vRowDimensions = Application.Run("SAPListOfDimensions","DS_1", "AXIS", "ROWS")

vColumnDimensions = Application.Run("SAPListOfDimensions","DS_1", "AXIS", "COLUMNS")

But you could also retrieve all dimensions, along with information about whether the dimension is on Rows or Columns, by calling:

'Method 2

vAllDimensions = Application.Run("SAPListOfDimensions","DS_1", "AXIS", "ALL")

Or by calling:

'Method 3

vAllDimensions = Application.Run("SAPListOfDimensions","DS_1")

Or by calling:

'Method 4

vAllDimensions = Application.Run("SAPListOfDimensions","DS_1","TECHNICALNAME")

You'll find however, that while Method 1 returns the list of dimensions in the order in which they're displayed in the Crosstab, Methods 2, 3 and 4 don't necessarily return the dimensions in the same order as Method 1 (and therefore, not necessarily in the same order as they're displayed in the Crosstab).

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