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PoD (Point of Delivery) is a digital solution developed by Incture Technologies, a prominent SAP Global Partner. The solution is developed and deployed on SAP Cloud Platform and looks to aid businesses in their effort to optimize large-scale delivery operations.

The absence of live-tracking and a strong, centralized system has traditionally hampered delivery operations across segments. This has become very problematic in this new age of door-to-door delivery of a wide variety of goods such as groceries, clothes, pharmaceuticals, clothes, gadgets, and more.

Earlier, manual orders had to be created and there was no visibility on real-time performances. Our app looks to completely change that and create a more streamlined delivery process that can boost both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

How it works

PoD can be applied to both single use customers and bulk orders. Our application enables an automated process from shipping to delivery and can integrate with 3rd party courier service as well. Some of the salient features of the product include incident management tool, trip management, shipment tracking, collaboration system, advanced reporting and analytics.

At the back end, we leverage the JAVA compute engine (which on SAP Cloud Platform) for managing the complexity of the business implementation, while the HANA Database helps us localize data pertaining to customers, shipment, delivery etc. The solution extends to mobility, where we leverage the SCP Mobile services and the relevant SDKS (iOS and Android). Embedded maps are developed using Google APIs and the application also supports integration to multiple backend systems using the SAP Cloud Platform Integration capability

The admin view (web and mobile based) allows functionality like assignment, route planning and prioritization.

For the delivery team (delivery agent), the application provides a scanning functionality to scan a manifest from where he received his task list or the application also provides the task list to be made available on synchronization.

The app also allows the delivery agent to contact customer, update delivery status, get customer feedback (star rating, signature etc). The admin is updated once the delivery is completed.

The application also allows the tracking of the delivery fleet (via tracking of the mobile device).

All in all, our SCP based solution offers any delivery-based business improved visibility, better governance and greater control, thus leading to an optimized delivery process across borders.

Solution Architecture

Some of the key advantages of this solution are;

  • Cost control

  • Increased resource productivity

  • Real-time delivery notifications

  • Resource data for analytics

  • Order details on-the-go

  • Better visibility

  • Offline capabilities

Customer Story

Our customer is one of the biggest Information and Communication (ICT) product distributors in South East Asia. They cater to various customer segments in over 123 cities and offers a one-stop shopping experience for a wide range of ICT offerings, from hardware, software, and telecommunication products, both for consumer and a total ICT infrastructure solution for commercial purposes.

The customer wanted to optimize their delivery operations through a digital solution. Earlier manual orders had to be created and there was no visibility on real-time performances, but the app has completely changed that. The existing ECC platform was integrated with SAP Cloud Platform using the cloud connector tool, after which the orders from the ECC were conveyed to the delivery agent through the mobile app. Google Maps was then utilized to enable the admin team to successfully track and guide their delivery fleet.

The app also gave delivery agents an on-hand guide as to where they had to go and how to get there. A customized reporting tool was also created, which gave the admin actionable insights on the efficiency of delivery and any problems that the delivery fleet may have faced. The SCP push notification tool also provided real-time updates and alerts to all the teams involved.

Summary: Leveraging the capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform Experience Maker services (such as Mobile Services with SDKs on iOS & Android, Portal, Theme Designer, WebIDE) along with SAP Cloud Integration Services, Java Compute, HANA DB we were able to rapidly design, develop and productise the solution. The flexibility of cloud then helps us quickly deploy the solution and scale based on customer needs.
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